The Playground


The Playground

The Playground

You write about your life and detect your changes and evolution

 You stage a possession and lie about and obsession

 You live with a vice and is being brutalized as a rat mice

 demons encounter the blessings of these lives rejoicing in their minds

 They say please let go but again they we must

 They bring pain and temptation and an exceeding amount of lust

 They cry to GOD daily testifying their sins, repenting trying to adjust

 Round and round, they run away from their flesh waiting to bust

 In the playground of a spiritual warfare they live the angelic affair

 So tell me why we live to surrender or to conquer

 If we conquer is it energy and spells leading to hell

 Or is it salvation, beautiful gift, breaking the chains to this fatal cell

 The world is a playground, a robotic disco ball, an illusion to a volcanic yell

 They scream in dreams dipped in venous whipped cream dying in a jail

 They need help, rules to play the game of eternal shame of sinfulness sin

 They need a door, a gateway to destroy iris and Babylon, demonic gin

 Subliminal messages signaling damnation, law encouraging abominations

 In torture of mind visioning fantasies, spiritually mating in accord of seduction

 Tempting with the vicious beauty of women, leading to a bloody bed, to a game of prostitution

 You live your life going on to the next one with lies and manipulation

 Singing the songs of death, dancing to the rhythm of corruption

 You die in pain with no gain for you did not accept beautiful salvation

 Awaken to know that you were wrong in desolation

 Thrown down to a lake of fire, Volcanic oblivion

 Screaming and hailing, yelling and gnashing your teeth, mad in arrogation

 Crying and heating up as you burn up to infinite ashes of insane destruction

 If only you listened, now you are just dead in hell, casting spells in confusion

 demons raging and laughing flamboyantly singing a song of sinful admiration

 devil locked up, beaten down, a thousand years of justification, and eternally for elimination

 Now they come again in your ears telling you maledictions

 Just to cut you short of your inheritance and to smile at your disobedience in a malicious adoration

 In hell they are, playing with sex and singing to death, in love of rebellion

 Wrath of YEHOWAH finally at hand, no mercy and grace, in total flames of sanctification

 Sadly in tears of a lava-like waterfall, draining HIS blood cleaning for purification

 Judgment day had to come, jubilee had to be, the elect made set free, divine clarification

 With one word the war ended, the people to left not in the book of life went with condemnation

 They were told the truth but they believe in their own faith and gave a fatal rejection

 In a brutal resurrection they arose to the fire a burning cell, an oven without limitation

 Though the church of YAHWEH YAH prayed and shared the word, they are doomed for eternal cremation

 fallen angels broken and powerless, devil dead and silent, they all incinerate in flirtation

 They were told the way of the narrow path, and sadly they went with their own self righteousness

 In darkness now they rest to sting the bite of GOD's punishment, Sorry is just what we can say watching fairness

 To them we warn of this horrific inferno, please be ye wise and choose carefully as YEHOWAH YAHWEH is coming for the harvest in a blank of darkness

Know you role and play the game choosing to be of HIS likeness

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danmartyjake1 commented on The Playground


Good writing, definitely stirs the reader's soul. A tad bit long for me, I still enjoyed the content. Your writing is steeped in dogma and embraces much of my fundamental christian upbringing.



well great to his grace is sufficient and virtuous women on my list please ..........i beg

Alexia commented on The Playground


Greg, WOW amazing and powerful! Great write!!




ontherise1984 commented on The Playground


Greg, man your stuff is the bomb. However, as much as I want to always give you 10s (due to the content of your messgae), if you broke your lines down just a bit, I would do just that. If yu can find a few extra words in each line (extraneous wording), and eliminate those-it would highlight the power of your message even more. It really wouldn't require much, just a simple reread. Remember the rules of mechanics-you have alot of interrupting phrases....

Embraced commented on The Playground


Shedding some light into the dark is always a need in my book. Thank you for sharing. E~




winterkou commented on The Playground


some spiritual warfare, but of course we know the Father Christ Jesus will hail and rise to victory as always. Let us stand and be followers of Christ , live in His light and never stop believing that He is the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the father except througfh Christ.



u said it bro

To have great poets there must be great audiences too.

Walt Whitman, American Poet (1819-1892)

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