The Power of a Flower


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The Power of a Flower

The Power of a Flower

By the river where we played
as children
in the shade
there spring forget-me-nots

In the days after you left
I saw them
through bereft
abandoned eyes

I saw them in profusion
sans delusion
in my mind

They filled up every corner
crowding out
the mourner
chanting loud, "Forget-me-not!"

My son has eyes forget-me-not blue
strong and clear
they remind me of a you
he'll never know

And so...

I treasure a tiny flower
that blooms
with quiet power
on the banks, in the shade, of my mind


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danmartyjake1 commented on The Power of a Flower


Wow! This was an intensely felt write and read. I was impressed with your mixture of words and how you wrapped it up...



For a short time after losing my brother, whenever I would close my eyes I would see those flowers. It was like a gift somehow... it's hard to describe. Thanks for your kind comment.

WordSlinger commented on The Power of a Flower


I love this, I really understand this in so many ways, Nice~ ty WS



That's great, thanks for reading. Glad it made sense to you, it is one of my favorites.

kmooney commented on The Power of a Flower


Another beautiful poem. You are very talented at this craft. Thanks for sharing again... Kevin



Thank you so much, you are too kind!

Marsink commented on The Power of a Flower


Very moving: a reflection of the fleeting past captured in future days, revisited on the fertile banks of your mind. A warm tribute observed in this beautiful piece exuding peace. Thank you for your wonderful heart of hope in sharing this experience.



Thank you for your kind words. This poem is truly dear to my heart. Thanks for reading!

jademelissa74 commented on The Power of a Flower


Simply soothing in a time of mourning. The anguish is well conveyed, the acceptance is soothing and the healing is very soothing. You have managed to craft a wonderful piece with an impeccable imagery. Great job!



Thanks for reading, and for your intuitive comments. I appreciate it! This one came after the loss of my brother...

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