The Rainbow of Poets


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    For all those that visit and read I thank you. It seems that visits without invitation are becoming quite unique.

    The Rainbow of Poets


    Some are happy and project a pretty yellow hue

    Some are sad and paint poems in the darkest of blue

    Some add a splash of bright orange and glowing red

    Creating writes that confuse and mess up one’s head


    Some create landscapes in the most brilliant of green

    Providing scenes of nature that are very seldom seen

    Others use pastels in various strange erotic fashions

    To stimulate the senses and arouse our inner most passions


    Occasionally we see a poetic canvas in white

    To speak of hope and provide a needed ray of light   

    Then comes the write of gloom...all draped in coal black

    Causing instant depression as we are taken aback


    Next comes the golden tones of pure poetic genius

    Followed by a lime green write that is just plain egregious

    Poems filled with silver linings can sometimes be found

    Some are awe inspiring and others are downright profound


    Occasional you will see a write framed in a faint purple haze

    Impossible to interpret, trapped in its own muddled maze

    Lavender seems to be the choice of more than just some

    They write of flowers and fruit like the Chickasaw plum


    Yes, poets come in many many colors it seems

    All painted by life and a few unfulfilled dreams

    But their message is unique, cast in color or in grey

    As they lay pen aside and await the next inspiring day


    That day may be tomorrow or maybe even next week

    The colors of the poet remain telling and unique

    The canvas of silken paper will draw the poet to its lair

      And words will flow in many colors to fill the soft summer air

    ©Copyright Charlie Gragg June 1, 2010


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    earthly commented on The Rainbow of Poets


    What a sense of peace I felt as I read this truly outstanding poem!! Every line a brilliant stroke of word mastery!!! Without a doubt in my favs-LOVE IT!! Namaste...Earthly



    Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.

    SuSpence commented on The Rainbow of Poets


    Amazing Hampton, I am glad rsalassi commented on this as I was online and the title drew my attention and pulled me in. As a writer of poetry and a painter of oils I can love and appreciate this on several levels. This is pure beauty pure poetry my friend. This is one of my favourite poems I have read in a long time, brilliantly thought out, 10 from me and going into my favs. Peace and Love, Spence



    Thank you, I appreciate your kind remarks more than you know.



    Anytime my friend, you are a talented writer, I always enjoy stopping by, I dont always take the time to comment because I sometimes ramble on non-sensibly haha, but I truly enjoyed this one. Peace and Love, Spence

    rsalassi commented on The Rainbow of Poets


    How did I miss this? I guess each of us on OP has read this, seeking to find himsefl/herself. And, no doubt, they all see themselves in that line about pure poetic genius, but I know you saved that one just for me. HA! Well, the two of us.



    Another of the very many poems that mean something special to the poet but are greeted with luke warmness by the residents of OP...........................................Hampton



    Wel, it is a beautiful poem with beautiful sentiments, and flattering to those who wish to be flattered, no doubt. Those of us who don't wish for such undeserved praise eschew the seriousness of presentation. Humility takes many forms. And even it, too, is subject to misinterpretation.

    Iliketoflyaway commented on The Rainbow of Poets


    Poets come in many different colors. I wonder! Where you outside writting this poem. It is a beautiful thought



    Thank you, your comment is very incisive.

    stellar commented on The Rainbow of Poets


    Yes, poets come in many many colors it seems All painted by life and a few unfulfilled dreams...I love this line....I can simply relate....great poem Hamp!



    Thank you kindly.

    Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

    Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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