The Richest Man Alive


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    The Richest Man Alive

    What makes this man happy?

    He has nothing
    He lives nowhere
    He is nobody

    He expects nothing
    Because he paid nothing
    And this man knows
    Everything has its' price

    He's not willing to pay the price
    That we all do from day to day
    But he's the richest of all
    In currency we aren't familiar with

    He lives nowhere
    Because that somewhere
    Is dictated by matters
    Out of our hands

    He's not willing to dwell in places
    That are not his doing
    But his palace surpases ours
    In ways we cannot comprehend

    He is nobody
    Because we are not aware of him
    And he knows it must change
    So he can wake us up

    He's the enzyme of our evolution
    And this is what he's been saving for
    His whole life, the gift that surpasses himself
    But in essence is himself

    His final payment reduced
    To more tangible currency
    From his only payment
    Materialized to his only testament:

    Make the best with what you have
    But realize it's not the best

    Copyright 2009 Vincent Decker

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    Midgetguy commented on The Richest Man Alive


    I loved this poem! Probably my favorite one of yours I've read so far! Materialistic pleasures are only skin deep. But, the REAL happiness, the REAL source of pleasure comes from love. Love, satisfaction with the simplistic things in life, and security.

    Tempestlady commented on The Richest Man Alive


    This one is very meaningful to us. My husband says he can relate. We think what makes this man happy is love and family and friendship ties. The things we believe are truly important. Missed the rhyme, but an awesome piece. Write on.....

    Lolee commented on The Richest Man Alive


    This is a very interesting thought. and a good poem. Who created these enzymes? God did. All the pondering of these things, I feel are extraneous. The apostle Paul said,"I no nothing save Jesus Christ." In all his writings he stresses that we need to focus on how to become what God wants of us...the rest will follow nicely. But first! Seek ye the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you. And that's my take. : )



    and further, socrates was a man who said he knew nothing, but he was extremely wise beyond belief, if you ever read any platonic dialogues. the oracle at delphi said he was the wisest in athens because he believed he knew nothing. this was humbleness and his self awareness of his limits that allowed him to be labeled as such. the man used his brain a lot. your quote is no excues to turn your brain off.



    i disagree with the notion that we should not use our god given minds. im out to seek truth, not blindly follow something in some book written by fallible human beings. much i feel we need to focus our attention on is not stressed in the bible, mostly ecology. all these religions make humans enemies of the earth; they are willing to do any amount of harm to this planet because its going to be over anyway. i think that is silly to believe; for even if it is the end for humans, other creatures will be on this planet that need it. if your gods pinnacle of creation is the self righteous insignificant human, i want no affiliation with him. i focus on bigger things



    (line 3 of mine) I KNOW nothing save Jesus Christ. sorry

    AbysmalGoddess commented on The Richest Man Alive


    Beautiful, why can't people just stop to see what really matters in life? I love the way you dipict how the man lives everywhere because of the events determined by God take him to different places. It's not the iPod's and the cars, and mansions, the computers, jewelry, high paying jobs, or the silk clothing that we wear that matter, it's family and life and love that matter, it's all about doing the right thing, and fuck everything you can buy with money, fuck money all together! You portrayed this worthy point beautifully! 10 from me!



    yes you have caught the essence of this one nicely. it is something we must always realize, there is a better way, always. and yes, fuck that money!! lets escape this captivity!!! i know your with me :)

    DennisScott commented on The Richest Man Alive


    Some say sporadic others say all over the place... again. I see commas question marks and periods; do you not like periods. Not the one you get every 28 days, no one likes them. "Make the best with what you have but realize it's not the best" that is a good line just like, "no one expected the unexpected." Next you will be asking, "is seven up."



    man this directly relates to my apollo and dionysus poems. im getting sick at how you hate my stuff so much, and I hope this is just because I was a dick to you. it is about realizing we are not the shit, but at the same time, realizing it is all we have. like language, for instance, it is meaningless. it only has meaning because people want it to. that is the realizing it is not the best, for essences are conveyed through means less tangible such as language. we must realize language is not absolute. youve made your point that i did not understand your stuff. this is true, and I am amazed at how much more sense your poems made. but you did not understand my stuff either, accept for the cancer one. i await your next replies



    Your ragging on his good English? God, what a fucking dip shit you are. I don't even see how you don't get this poem, either you do and you're just an asshole, or you just don't want to. That's pretty fucking sick.

    When power leads man towards arrogance, poetry reminds him of his limitations. When power narrows the area of man's concern, poetry reminds him of the richness and diversity of existence. When power corrupts, poetry cleanses.

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