the river


the river

The River


We went down to the river

Down to the stream

Breathing in the breath of life

God only could bring


Down by the river

We washed away our pain

Down by the river it's always the same


So where is hope?

It’s in the river

Where is life?

 It’s in the stream

 Where my soul can live again


So I'm going down by the river

Down by the stream

Where the breath life is

So I can breathe again


So IAm will be their

He's  going down by the river today

I 'm going give my life to his name


I'm swimming fast and swimming strong

I'm swimming in this narrow river all along

Down by the river today.



Down by the river

Down by

The stream

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ApaqRasgirl commented on the river


that was a beautiful write of inspiration and hope will find the light, hope and love of life in everything around you that lives. it is in the trees, the grass, the sky, the moon & sun, in every insect, bird and animal in mother natures realm.......for He gifted us with Her mighty grace to bring us peace and your heart and She will bring the light of peace and love into you........beautiful write asha



Thank you so much. I was writing about my passion to be more closer to The Lord Jesus "the great I am in this particular piece which i want to make into a song. Thanks for your support on my writing It makes me so happy people appreciate my work sending my love Britt



your welcome dear, and I think it would make a wonderful can even lay your poem out in versus like a song and let people see that you want it to be a song as well as a poem.......your inspiration is felt all through your words dear........keep em asha

ansari commented on the river


Its a great poem and also a beautiful song. Life is so close to nature and to God. It has a nice rhythm , 'down by the river' the melody haunts me. You have entwined self, God and nature and that is how it is. I loved it. Thank you, hope you'll read my poem "Oh! every breath of fresh air " welcome your comments.

lisagrizzly commented on the river


I was baptized in a pool of water down by the river. I love this poem. It is so inspirational when you know the Great I Am:) Ty for the walk back in memory lane for me through your moving like a stream of water poem:)



thanks I glad someone could relate to the poem.

Vampire commented on the river


kinda has the fel like a blues grass song i know. "as i went down to the river to pray." beautiful song and a beautiful job.



I love that song!!!! But that's not were my inspiration came from. Thanks for the comment! : )

bklynrizz commented on the river


A part from a few grammatical errors this was a very heart warming and inspirational poem. I am that I am. Nice. I wonder how many know who He is?



Not many are close enough to know who he is! Thanks for the comment.!!! : )

Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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