The Roar of Silence


The Roar of Silence

The long days would be peaceful were they not filed with what seems sometimes to be the never ending noise that seems to invade my solitude.


I sometimes feel overwhelmed by discussions about this and about that that seem at times to be endless without restful interlude.     


Ah, for some quiet time to myself. To think. To reflect. To seek the solace of my own thoughts and inner voice


What price I would pay were I able to find refuge from the noise.


It builds daily as time goes by and my ears tremble in an attempt to escape while at the same time my mind tells me to accept and rejoice.


Were I only able to do so. Were I only able to block out those things that seem to not be of my choice.    


The years come and go and then one day my spouse grows silent and is buried in a beautiful and quiet ceremony.


Peaceful, serene, even in my sorrow my existence for the next few months is filled with what seems like endless harmony.


But slowly it begins to build as from nowhere increasing daily by small increments and pulling at my inner being.


What is it? What now plagues me as before? The noise is back.  Only this time in the form of a roar that is deafening.
It is the roar of silence.  



©Copyright 2007 Charlie Gragg


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SavVySam commented on The Roar of Silence


I too seek the quiet places, though they are few and far between. Others do not always understand this need... but I really believe that this is essential to poets.



The mind requires a place where it can reduce input to a minimum and rejuvenate...else the clutter becomes unbearable. Thanks for reading.

mamasan commented on The Roar of Silence


I don't want to add to the noise in deference to the way it plagues you. But, I have to get a word in edgewise, and may I whisper to you Mr. Graff, that the deliberate slow moving words you choose may just be causing the roar. wow this sure is a hell of a beautiful sharing piece you write.



Your comments are appreciated.

brokenwings25 commented on The Roar of Silence


I understand this poem all too well. Even if I didn't it is so well written you can hear the deafening silence. Or maby that is just me.



I hope it is not just you. Thanks for dropping by and reading my poem.

AbysmalGoddess commented on The Roar of Silence


Silence is so hard to come by these days, and ironically it's the sweet sound that we long for. I think it would do people good if they would just shut their mouths, and partake in some good old fashioned thought. Very well done!



Thank you very much.

HCHolbert commented on The Roar of Silence


You reached deep within yourself and pulled out precious refined gold. Thank you for sharing your gift with us. Great write. Peace,HC



My thanks to you for reading and commenting

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Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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