the robin


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song about a kind girl.

the robin


she was 24 seasons away
but summer lived in her soul
she circled my garden and ate the wildflowers
killed the weeds and countless hours
she struck such poses
among my roses

i would watch her dance and bound
round and round like a fearless phantom
then like the robin with her head to the ground
she'd listen for me

on my morning window sill
her shrill song woke me too early for the day
but i appreciated her efforts and smiled anyway
i put up seeds but she let them be
too kind and alive she left them for me
her mixture of pagan and pageantry
designs how i miss her, do you see
and like the robin with her head to the ground
she'd listen for me


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cttgad commented on the robin


Love the emotions and visuals in this wonderful, delightful read. Thank you for sharing it



thank you oh so very much for commenting and reading me. thank you.

cheronld commented on the robin


Somebody has been bitten by the love bug I visuals my friend....loved the gentle flow and tentative touch of emotional content....Lucky woman I have to say....and....this is truly on a different path of "Phission"....another alter ego maybe????.....nicely done....Cher



hmmmmm maybe. lol. my words and thoughts have been spreading like veins and branches to the sky. that is the only way i can describe my current state. thank you, Cher.



"my words and thoughts have been spreading like veins and branches to the sky.".....Now that is just another Poem screaming to come out and spread its wings and Journey my friend....Cher

Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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