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    the weeping jack o lantern .... i know this is not the right season for a poem with this content... i have been working on these two pieces for awhile and anyway in my world its always halloween...

    the sad pumpkin &...

    darkness falls upon the pumpkin patch
    a light fog rolls in...
    dropping a mist upon the ground

    in the corner entangled in its own vines
    the sad pumpkin sits alone
    the leaves upon its stems droop...
    from the weight of the mist

    unable to break free from its own entanglement
    it sits... trapped...
    and covered up

    the night passes by paying no attention
    through the fog the dim shimmer of stars
    the moon awash in a sea of grey

    life moves forward paying no mind
    as the sad pumpkin sits, wallowing...
    in its own predicament

    the ground grows cold, saturated by the mist
    the fog grows more dense
    a flash of color, brightly orange
    quickly engrossed by a mist of grey

    through the fog the sad pumpkin can see
    the other pumpkins gathering
    basking in the brisk moist air
    paying no mind to the dense fog

    the brilliance of their bright colors
    striking orange...
    the deep green of their stems and leaves
    pale to what its own colors use to be
    now which only seem
    watered down and dingy...

    the greens have turned a lighter shade of brown
    the brilliant orange now cast in shades of yellow
    worn spots show through the skin
    revealing darker shades within

    alone the sad pumpkin sits
    engrossed and entangled
    its vines constricting
    held prisoner by its own self

    looking through the mist and beyond the fog
    past its own tangle vines and wilted leaves
    hoping that a brighter day will come
    perhaps with the morning light

    the weeping jack o'lantern
    (the transformation of the sad pumpkin)

    on a brighter day the sun shines down
    it seems the day has come around
    the warming sun has dried the mist
    as the hazy fog begins to lift

    the time has come for the leaves to turn
    the wind will change and the trees will burn
    as the temperature falls and the air turns crisp
    the time of year when pumpkins get picked

    the crunching sounds of dried dead leaves
    trampled underneath of peoples feet
    within the patch the spirits rise
    the pumpkins showing their best sides

    one by one they are taken home
    shaped and carved and put up for show
    in the corner the sad pumpkins waits
    for its turn it anticipates

    knowing it will not get picked first
    but also aware that it cant be the worst
    hoping it will catch someones eye
    wishing that people would stop walking by

    one after another the pumpkins are picked
    entangled in vines the sad pumpkin sits
    and now its time has finally come
    its going home with someone


    on the table the pumpkin waits
    for the shape of its new face
    wondering how it might appear
    full of hope and joy and cheer

    but what is carved for all to see
    a dreary face of misery
    a drooping smile and gloomy eyes
    not at all what it had in mind

    as the pumpkins sits on display
    trapped behind its dreary face
    with a tiny light that burns inside
    burning right behind its eyes

    perhaps the world can see beyond
    the face that says its all gone wrong
    and see the light thats burns within
    and know the pumpkin really grins







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    amerstat commented on the sad pumpkin &...


    wow! from dark - to light - to medium dark again...poor soul trapped in a negative force...unable to ever "really" escape but at least taken out of the environment that brought him down so and with people who use him to show their emotions of the season. i LOVE it dano :)



    thanks amy

    SavVySam commented on the sad pumpkin &...


    This is a fabulous piece regardless of season! Thank you for the special treat!



    thanks for the comment sam...

    ginga commented on the sad pumpkin &...


    DAno, I am in awe of the wonderful emotion you have infused into this poem. The personification of this pumpkin invites the reader to become attached emotionally to it and it's plight. I particularly love autumn poems and this truly is a treat and was written with a mood and tone that keeps the reader waiting for the next line. For a different spin on pumpkins I have a weekly winning poem about the gourd titled: "If." ginga



    thank you for your kind words... i will go check out 'if'

    Springsize commented on the sad pumpkin &...


    OMG Your poem is excellent on every count. You have engulfed This Reader with your darkness of realism, attached to the lonely pumpkin, forlorn, like a thorn, but so much smoother, you show this magnificent transition into hope that comes like a Real UPS Delivery truck, which should not Ever be a less than, and then here you go again, Dano ... you take Reader into another Sad, turn of events... the sad little hopeful will now be permanently carved into sad.... how does life do that for some people, just one flipping nightmare after another... and somewhere inside the person is this small light of living, you so named the pumpkin... what a genius to think of this, and compare it, and then end it all with the most glorious thought I've heard from your poems ever... and that is the smile within. Just made my day... make a whole lotta Reader's Day, this is a Saver... Should be in the Big Book of Print... your writing and intent is so nicely understood.



    thank you...i am himbled by your words... thank you so much

    dahlusion commented on the sad pumpkin &...


    Such a complex and brilliant tale with just the right amounts of happiness and sadness. "alone the sad pumpkin sits engrossed and entangled wallowing... its vines constricting held prisoner by its own self" — such a genius metaphor for most peoples' lives. Brilliant, really brilliant! Bravo!!

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