The Spirit In The Glass


The Spirit In The Glass

I spoke out loud and was startled by the sound.
I examined my position and was surprised by what I`d found.
Rage and fury were strongly tethered to my soul.
I fought with my demons til I`d completely lost control.

I sat in a vacuum, muffled voices made me frown.
I asked for a spirit in a glass to calm me down.
The voices became clearer and one stood out among them all
A melody to me, a loving answer to my call.

The voice was like a womb, soft and warm she held me tight.
She gave me strength and courage, gave me feelings of delight.
When it was time to leave, she begged and plead for me to stay
She said that we were lovers and it couldn`t end this way

And then the voice grew harsh, the raspy tone made me cringe.
The womb became a prison; cold iron bars held me in.
I kicked, I screamed, I cried, before I settled in despair
I was the spirit in the glass, my soul became the devil`s lair.

From deep within myself, a place I didn`t existed
A feeble light appeared; so dim in fact I almost missed it.
The light cut through the sorrow, disappointment and the strife.
And landed on the wall showing pictures of my life.

Pictures of me smiling, genuine and pure of heart.
Pictures full of joy before my faith came apart.
The light began to fade and soon was gone just as it came.
But left within my core an ember flickered into flame.

Then I spoke out loud and was started by the sound.
I examined my position and was surprised by what I`d found.
Rage and fury were no longer tethered to my soul
I knew a higher power and I let him take control.

The prison doors were opened and the voices went away.
Love replaced the rage and it guided me to pray.
An attitude of gratitude made me lift my head and glow.
An evil spirit started dying, a loving spirit began to grow.

God please keep my heart pure and my spirit complete.
Guide my life father and teach me acceptance of your will.
Help me to love your children deeper and truer than I`ve ever loved before.
Use me Lord to bring peace and serenity to others in my life.


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jademelissa74 commented on The Spirit In The Glass


A very nice piece of work. Very inspirational indeed. I would definitely give it a 10. Congratulations!

To have great poets there must be great audiences too.

Walt Whitman, American Poet (1819-1892)

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