The Summer Of Cassandra


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    The Summer Of Cassandra

    It was the Summer of Cassandra
    Somewhere in the Year of the Cat
    There were warriors who danced in the moonlight
    Or something like that
    It was in the place that the old shaman mentioned
    Where the Tee Pee smoke hung in the trees
    That's when the summer of Cassandra
    Just happened to me

    But now there are business calls
    And trips to the mall
    Where the beggars are all dressed like St. Nick
    And as I'm driving there
    I scream and I glare
    At the guy who cut me off, "What a prick!"
    Once at the mall I can sense
    That there's no recompence
    For all the smiles I have seemed to misplace
    And now it always seems
    That this life and its dreams
    Are filled with memories I've tried to erase

    It was the Summer of Cassandra
    It was the rising of a new moon
    There was an expectation of changing
    That swept through the room
    And just like laughter after the crying
    Or like tears from the smoke in my eyes
    It seems that everything that's ever happened
    Was not a surprise

    And as I walk or I run
    It's like I'm under the gun
    Yet I know I have nowhere to be
    The white cane on the floor
    Or the note on the door
    Speak of changes that I don't care to see

    And now you see I am old
    And yes, my heart has grown cold
    I believe I don't believe any more
    So now the preachers preach
    What the teachers can't teach
    Of how to play the game and how to score

    It was the Summer of Cassandra
    It was the fear of being free from the cage
    It was the ecstacy of dropping dillusions
    As then leaving the stage
    Just like the rains that refresh the landscape
    Or like the Tom Toms that lead us to dance
    I could tell that this new beginning
    Was my final chance

    And so with pen in hand
    And no marching band
    I finally found the freedom I've sought
    With a Masters Degree,
    New philosophy
    Forged from the lessons that corruption has bought
    And through contentedness
    I found a happiness
    That seems to transcend both time and space
    Now I have found my new self
    And a world full of wealth
    By giving up and leaving the race

    It was the Summer of Cassandra


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    SavVySam commented on The Summer Of Cassandra


    This is at once both a great poem and commentary of life's lessons. I enjoyed your witty style.

    LeLover commented on The Summer Of Cassandra


    Another wonderful poem!

    ivecute77 commented on The Summer Of Cassandra



    Poetry is not an expression of the party line. It's that time of night, lying in bed, thinking what you really think, making the private world public, that's what the poet does.

    Allen Ginsberg (1926-1997) U.S. poet.

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