The Toy


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This poem is from my closest of old, and this was tucked deep within the pages of many chapters past - however, I still read many of my closest friends poems on here and know that there are inward tears flowing. I wanted to express that though times can be tough, toys that seemed to be discarded and abused - can later become the ones admired and the ones most cherished above all else. I can personally attest that True Love does exist, never give up!

The Toy

                                The Toy


If I were a toy

                 Full of stuffing and air

I would wonder why

                  Why those who used and

    abused me could easily disregard me

Hugging one way-tugging another


                 Until the molded figure becomes


   My dark hardened eyes would still be saddened

             Corners are so empty and dark


Would I be picked up and be loved once more?

       Loved for what I really am!

           Or would I be replaced by an innate



Reality tells me that I am not a helpless toy

        That my heart is not wind-up

        That if I’m ripped or torn the cotton

             cannot be simply re- tucked

   I bleed, my heart aches, and I cry real tears


Though not a toy, I have been toyed with all too often

and tossed into empty corners

                          Hoping that I’ll someday

      Someday be cared about for what is soulfully inside me

             To no longer be tremulous of becoming obsolete.


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cmlestrade commented on The Toy


Well as a destroyer of toys in my youth, I found this poem had a lot of impact. Just substituting the human element one can see how sad it is when a persons emotions are toyed with. Engaging poem that left time for much contemplation.



Contemplation is good, very good... I often write as I like to read - open for one's own interpretation. Thank you for reading.

Lolee commented on The Toy


Interesting poem. I kind of got hung up on your explenations to words that one should look up if they want to expand their vocabulary. Also it implies the writer thinks his reader is ignorant (that means dumb) lol. Just teasing ya a...'s a great poem. 10



discovered I cannot delete my comment...I feel it was too harsh...sorry. You are one of my favorites.



Too harsh? No way now how - I value honest opinion, I am inspired by comment, and I am honored when ones own time is offered to read my work. Thank you...



To your suggestion I deleted the added definition, however my intent was to keep the work flowing for some that may not see the meaning clearly at first - God knows I am ignorant to many words and thus live to learn! Thank you again.

kmooney commented on The Toy


A paradox of sorts. I wasn't expecting such a serious poem. Very well written and thought provoking Soulwriter. I like this piece a lot. When one thinks of a toy, one immediately thinks happy, joyful thoughts. Here you have brought to light the aftermath of toys venture. To be tossed aside and soon forgotten. Reminds me of the Pixar movie Toy Story, the second one in particular. Quite a metaphor of a person's life as well. To be played with, used and abused then tossed aside in favor of something shinier and new. Nice offering. Very thought provoking. Thanks for the share.... K



Honored to have your opinion of respectful insight - many of us are toyed with in one way or another sometime in our lives, it is how we choose to repair the tears that sets apart and makes us new again. Thx!

iLuvPoetryJACOB commented on The Toy


i can completely relate to this! who wouldnt? you used the words so perfectly. well done! i give it a ten!



I appreciate that you relate, that is a true compliment. Thx!

cynthiakehl commented on The Toy


love the analogy of the love given to a toy and the love most of us crave! I so love to read your writings!



Thank you for the compliment!

Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

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