The Tragic Tale of Jordan Craig


The Tragic Tale of Jordan Craig

I'm smart, kind, odd, and strange
Everyone thinks I need to change
I know I should it would really be better
So now I leave you this full truth letter.

I can't change over night no matter how bad you want me to
Only one person has kept me from the knife; it's not you.
No friends, no love, only pain
There is nothing I can further gain.

If all i can do is fail and be wrong
I don't think i shall live very long
I hve big dreams and hopes that just wont come true
Much like how I'll never hear "I love you"

I'm fat, ugly and hated by all
Just put a rope over the door add my neck and fall.
Even when I try to turn my life around
I end up broken, bleeding, face down on the ground.

Pain, pain, pain, that's all I ever feel
Someone please tell me I'll wake up and this not be real
My life is a funnle always going down, down, down
Never a simmle upon my face always a frown.

I kow these aren't the best days of my life
I've choosen not a husband but a wife
Just in case you didn't know your child is gay
You got a freak for a kid hip, hip, hooray.

OCD, epilespy, what next?
Answer depression; I'm hexed.
The knife my only true friend
Sorry for the pain but it's the end.

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BlackLabel commented on The Tragic Tale of Jordan Craig


What a well written poem. I sometimes too feel like this, so I can relate somewhat. You have a lot of talent, and that alone in itself is something worth being proud of and living for. The fact that you are lucky enough to even be alive and breathing is worth living for. At least that's what I tell myself. Thanks for the read, keep writing.

kpeery09 commented on The Tragic Tale of Jordan Craig


This was wonderful, I could see the sadness in this. Good write, keep it up, I give you 10.

Sydney commented on The Tragic Tale of Jordan Craig


this is a really good poem, jj. never ever think youre fat, ugly, or anything of that nature. youre beautiful. Sydney

lonewolf commented on The Tragic Tale of Jordan Craig


very good write. you possess much talent. reach within yourself, and you will find the key to unlock the door that keeps you separated from life. i'm always here if you wanna talk.



i love this site so many of u have similar problems and almost all of you lelnd a sholder to cry on i love you guys thanks

Mandi commented on The Tragic Tale of Jordan Craig


wow and I thought I got depressed! There is absolutely no reason for a charming person like you should feel this way. you obviously have talent and inttelligennce. that shows in your writing, so all is not lost , you can write:)



wrote this at the pit of my depression (with no meds) about 2 months ago just got the courage to put it up. thanks but ignorance is bliss (atleast in high school)

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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