The Tribulations of Democritus


  • Allegory

    The Tribulations of Democritus

    Indivisible was the creation
    The fundamental elements of life
    Minds feebly wrap around
    Breaking in disbelief.

    Atomos the great
    Who knew your fate
    Would only propagate
    A revelation in progress.

    So Democritus climbed
    Up the towering minds
    Only to watch the horizon
    Plummet into the depths.

    At the bottom was Plato
    Torch in hand
    Well Atomos was burnt
    With a brimstone of malice.

    Oh Aristotle, what will be done?
    I tell you, Atomos must be won!
    And just like that
    Aristotle showed his dark back.

    Cast in the Shadows
    Atomos was lost
    His idea swayed by
    A current of skepticism.

    From the grave
    Was Atomos raised
    When eyes could perceive
    And actually believe

    And up came the sun
    Daltonian by nature
    It perceives the future
    One particle at a time.

    So it was done
    The word of Atomos, won.
    To be passed forever
    Til the end of man.

    From heathen tongues
    Cursed by righteous lungs
    Came enlightenment
    In the simplest form.

    Copyright, Vincent Decker, 2008.

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    Chaos128 commented on The Tribulations of Democritus


    Mathematicians haughtily ascribe a straight line as the shortest (and thus most advantageous) path between two points; shame on‘em for failing to appreciate the many enlightening benefits to be gained by taking the scenic route ha ha. Eloquence has found a home and causeofbalance had built it.

    mamasan commented on The Tribulations of Democritus


    The words are crafted par excellence and has set my thoughts willy nilly; trying to let it sink in right in my soar plexis. I may be accused of trying to be witty......but you sanity has been challenged and the culprit is the title. Gosh, though a good student; I only got C's in my mythology. rofl



    im just a silly person is all. atomos is my personification of the atom. i use a lot of word play here, and the earliest idea of a single unifying unit were dismissed by great thinkers such as aristotle and (his mentor) plato. just another great example of scientific truth arising from a current of skepticism!!!

    susanismith commented on The Tribulations of Democritus


    I love your's's full of's written beautifully...a poetic tongue and mind. Continue writing...and I'll reading your work.



    why thank you, i actually wrote this instead of studying for my gen chem final freshmen year at college. inspired by what i learned in that class though :)

    Midgetguy commented on The Tribulations of Democritus


    AWESOME!!!! I really like your poems (so far... I've only read two though! haha, I'm working on reading a new one of your poems every time I log in!) But, you can tell that you really have a passion for mythology! It's cool though, and extremely interesting! *glances at comment below* Vinsanity? That's an AWESOME nickname! haha



    believe it or not, this poem is really about the first idea of the atom (called "atomos") and how it made up everything. pretty sure i learned in my gen chem class he was the first to come up with the idea, and most despised it. just another fine example of a person discovering something closer to truth, and being rejected.



    oh and thanks, i usually used vinsanity on my halo dude. now its my gamer tag (no live though), and occasional nickname

    Blitzbolter commented on The Tribulations of Democritus


    Yo Vinsanity. Check it out. I think in our project, you should definitely be the brunt of the philosophizing man. I can't keep up.. Also these are awesome poems in general, and definitely we should use soem for your sick guitar type songs

    Poetry is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality.

    T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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