The Truth and the Tribe


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    Poem Commentary

    My view of the current political scene

    The Truth and the Tribe


    What is truth and what is a lie?

    The question puzzles me as I view current affairs.

    It seems that people no longer care about the truth

    But only that which fits their individual beliefs.

    Why else can political organizations lie without challenge?

    And even when the truth becomes obvious,

    the lie is repeated again and again.

    Why do people support programs that

    in no manner serve their interest?

    The answer, my friends, lies deep in the psyche of man

    and at the root is our age old adversary “fear”.

    We fear change. We fear loss of deep rooted tribal beliefs.

    We fear the poor so we label them “slackers”.

    We fear all those different from ourselves.

    We fear those that are black. We fear those that are white

     and all skin colors in between.

    We fear everyone not of our tribe.

    How far have we come since the origin of man?

    Nor far, if you look closely at the intellectual void that prevails 

    It seems that in spite of our gadgets and innovations

    we remain mired in ignorance and self focus.

    Where will it end?

     I fear that it will end in the annihilation of human kind.

     The last two survivors fighting over a stale piece of bread and a stagnant pool of water,

    Sharing never once entering their minds.


    ©Copyright 2009 Charlie Gragg

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    bloomingsun commented on The Truth and the Tribe


    yes, the tendency of mankind to see themselves as the center of the universe, and tweaking the truth to suit their own agendas... Sometimes it seems the "progress" we make is superficial and deeper down we still hold onto fear. Great write, well said.



    Tnank you very much.

    Stryx commented on The Truth and the Tribe


    In deed, my friend. You have captured well the plight of man. And the answers are within man himself.



    Thanks for reading. Tribal instincts are more powerful than we could ever imagine.

    JCKasper commented on The Truth and the Tribe


    This seems to explain the innate structure of human existence ......... Will we live long enough to evolve from such a barbaric frame? I'm impressed how your writings are always so challenging to the human spirit!



    I try to write to make people think. Sometimes it works and sometimes not. Thanks.

    lostalive77 commented on The Truth and the Tribe


    it caught my eye because you mentioned tribe in the title. i live on an idian reservation. but i see that you mean we all sort of belong to a tribe. and we fear going outside of it. or questioning the morals of the tribe we follow. such as the government. we fear changing it... we know how to live by it but we dont know how to change it so that we are not so controlled. i love the way you put it. great structure and a great choice of words.



    Thanks for reading. I have a coupleof poems thatyou might find interesting. I will send you the titles via private message.

    lemuwah commented on The Truth and the Tribe


    isn't it amazing how even though the truth is right under our noses we go seek a better answer to our question. Great Write!



    Thank you, your comments are appreciated.

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