The Understanding of Silence


  • The Calm

    The Understanding of Silence


    I understand what the silence means….

    I know what it speaks to me…

    Even in the absence of words I hear your speech clearly

    What you are doing and how you are not doing it speaks louder than anything that you have ever said

    This ongoing, non-whispered, super shushed and hushed war that rages between us rings like bells

    At night it is still ringing

    Vibrating in my drums like multiple voices echoing in an empty room.

    You do not ever have to utter a word…

    And this time neither will I…

    In the distance travels waves of frequency that go at a speed to create sound….

    My air is deaf

    We don’t need to engage in dialogue as there are no words left

    It is already understood

    I comprehended everything between us when the phone stopped ringing, when the messages stopped coming, when the emails that never were became visible and invisible simultaneously, and when the words, “Best”, and “Friend” became obsolete and virtually nonexistent I accepted it because I had created it…

    This calm brings stillness to my world which was involuntarily provoked because I wanted more than words

    I craved more energy than conversation

    I desired and beckoned more than a meeting of the minds that from it would produce the fruits of beautiful poetic like didactic intimacy

    I wanted you. . .

    To . . .

    Acknowledge me more than for I’s and the O’S and the U’S

    See in me more than who I represented alphabetically…

    Proclaim that when Best friend No longer has a St. in the middle it becomes the word befriend as in you have to be one to have one

    To help, to support, to assist, more than a friend when yours does not even exist…

    The sounds, that resound in the space collected to make up a room full of nothing

    No words, No sounds, just Deaf

    Hearts are collected off glass painted concrete, until the blood has longed since lost the rhythm of the pump. . .

    And the beating… The beating… The beating… The beating….The beating….

    And the pounding aches and longs for life

    Life that words can never and were never meant to save, only actions can redeem them…

    So when the mouth is done moving, and reticence has drawn from a room that was once a relationship…

    The empty, the calm, the peace remains and what is left after all of our uncommunicativeness

    I am still all comprehensive …

    Of the Understanding of silence. . .



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    JonTalbain commented on The Understanding of Silence


    Sometimes, the silence is the entity which enables wisdom in us all, and sometimes, we must be wise to know when to break the silence. I applaud the development. a beautiful work indeed

    Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

    Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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