The Day the Clouds Cried


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    More poetry for Wordslingers forum aimed at saving our planet.

    The Day the Clouds Cried

    It started out like any other day with the sun and wind

     bathing mother earth from continent to continent

    creating spiraling clouds overhead that seemed to

    move in a purposeful manner.

    As the day progressed the sun began to disappear behind what was now

    ominous clouds that brought forth tiny dancing droplets of moisture

    that seemed to float in the soft winds.

    The clouds took full possession of the skies around the globe

    as they continued to turn from white to grey and as the last

    patch of clear sky disappeared behind the clouds the winds

    took their leave and the earth fell quiet as never before.

    The clouds danced overhead as if responding to a silent and

     sad refrain emanating from an ancient celestial point in the

     annals of time that marked its beginning.

    Slowly the tiny droplets began to intensify and to fall to earth

    covering the entire planet with a refreshing wetness that seemed

     to mark a prelude to an event never before witnessed by mankind

    since he first began to ravage this miraculous gift he had been given.


     As if sobbing uncontrollably the rain poured from the skies until

    it reached a crescendo of deafening proportions and fell upon

    the land as if intent on cleansing, purifying and reversing the

    thousands of years of abuse inflicted by man.

    The cries of thunder, preceded by lightning bolts that brought down

    the temples and monuments constructed by man, were unceasing

         and provided a lasting reminder to those that would survive of the

     need to embrace this majestic planet.


    You may dismiss this fictional tale and scoff at its message… but if you do…

    be vigilant of each day least you witness the gathering of clouds and hear the sobbing

     sound that signifies the beginning of the day the clouds cried.


    ©Copyright Charlie Gragg, September 2, 2010          





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    stellar commented on The Day the Clouds Cried


    wow...this is haunting...this poem reminds me of the end of the world and noah's arch...the element water is indeed a good cleansing agent to any grimes and dirt...^_^ v



    I am glad you liked the write. Many thanks.

    Kanicki commented on The Day the Clouds Cried


    Hampton nicely done. Here's hoping for a greater awakening of humanity before the renewal. Peace and Light.



    Thank you for visiting and commenting.

    Olan01 commented on The Day the Clouds Cried


    The earth give life and she also reclaims what she sows. The rains purify and wash away all to renew vitality. As witht the symbolism of baptism you baptize us with truth.



    Your comments are welcomed as well as wise.

    Rhymer commented on The Day the Clouds Cried


    Mother nature is never predictable. Enjoyed hte read. Nicely done.



    I appreciate your visit and your comments.

    Artie commented on The Day the Clouds Cried


    If history has taught us anything, nature is never fully predictable. There are thousands of small changes that could occur at any given time, that could wipe out life in a flash. Sorry if I went over the top here, but you got me thinking. Great piece.



    Thanks a lot Artie.

    A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness. It finds the thought and the thought finds the words.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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