this is...


  • Sadness

    this is...

    this is the face that god gave me
    what a cruel fucking joke
    twisted and contorted
    beyond human recognition
    a monster of flesh upon bone

    this is the heart that god gave me
    what a sick fucking joke
    fragile and frail
    bleeding from incidental wounds
    hanging by the thread of hope

    this is the insanity that god gave me
    what a twisted fucking joke
    unbalanced and unstable
    spiked with dread and anxiety
    and laced with an inability to cope

    this is the insecurity that god gave me
    what a perverted fucking joke
    unsure and uncertain
    of who i am and what i do
    seems self immolation is all i know

    this is the gift that god gave me
    an ever welcomed curse
    structured misery
    and the ability to express myself
    through the pain of my words

    this is the lack of faith that god gave me
    too many fucking question marks
    the lies and hypocrisies
    why should i believe
    with all of these shadows on my heart

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    tenderpoison commented on this is...


    your writing is so fucking concise....I am speechless (and used profanity in a comment!) 10 is an insult.



    i guess this piece invoked some emotion you in and your comment was result of that... thanks

    ImStillHere commented on this is...


    God, this is amazing, Dano! like Marion says, the last two stanzas kind of tie this all together. [this is the gift that god gave me/an ever welcomed curse/structured misery/and the ability to express myself/through the pain of my words]- You are an incredibly talented poet, sir... Never be insecure about that. ~Audrey



    thanks for taking the time to read and comment audrey

    MarionYost commented on this is...


    This has GOT to be one of your best! I love it. the last two stanzas are amazing. All the best -Marion-



    thanks marion

    dahlusion commented on this is...


    this piece defines what reality is: soft and hard, easy and difficult, loving and hateful, and only understanding of this will make it even more real and accessible. This is a bravo write in your trade-mark dark voice. BRAVO !!!!!!!



    thanks so much dah

    TheDreamWalker commented on this is...


    Very deep and dark this read makes your heart go out to the author and makes you realize how cruel life truly is......great right Dano as always



    thanks for reading

    Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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