This Land


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I have traveled all over the world and been in every state but Alaska. As the saying goes " I've been to three county fairs and a goat ropin' contest " but nothing matches the beauty of the Snowy Range!

This Land

It was the '60's
we took our folk music seriously
Joan and Bob, Pete
and Woody
This land is your land
he sang out
and I believed it
The words resonated with me
Didn't need to turn on or drop out
I was tuned in; I GOT it, I Believed for all those years
and never really doubted until July 27 2010
A road trip from California to Cheyene to attend th " Daddy of 'em all",
 Frontier Days!  That's a rodeo.
On the advice of an old Navy buddy
who used to cowboy up in Wyoming back in the day
and the daughter of his high school coach who still lived in the area
my decidedly non-Indian faithful companion Dan and I took a detour off I-80
through Medicine Bow National Park
south to Saratoga where the speed limit reduces to 25mph
and you feel like you're speeding, 
should have to turn off your engine and let a draft horse pull you through  
Here is where the rubber should never meet the road
there should never be rubber or a road for that matter
Woody was wrong.
It wasn't meant for you and me
belonged to someone else 
Everybody knows God resides in heaven;
he has a cabin in Wyoming on the Snowy Range
no roads, no cars
we are interlopers, as is the highway
You want to go from Saratoga to Centennial
go on horseback or mule
This is hallowed ground
I mentioned this to my cowboy friend and he told me
Yes, this was indeed sacred land to the Arapaho
I now knew that for an hour two we had been guests
uninvited to some else's home
humbled but grateful. We tried not to leave footprints
As we were leaving  the "Range" a car full of folks stopped to take pictures
of this majesty
they all thought it was OK to light up a smoke as they left their car
Did they know they were in someone's church? 

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Teardrops commented on This Land


I was taking the ride with you my friend to have the talent to take the reader along is a wonderful and rare thing . Please keep writing you are great at it loved this poem Marie

Whiskers commented on This Land


Well written meatloaf, held my interest right from the "60's" though "Church". Wish I could have made that trip as it sounded "Devine". You know I was raised early on Folk music myself, Kingston Trio, The Brothers Four, and all those you mentioned, besides the real country music of Hank Sr., etc. Still love hearing it but somewhere in the mid-60's psychodelic acid rock ran up a fever in me for about a decade. I know what you mean of the beauty of southern Wyoming as I've been there years ago when young and healthy and full of spit and polish as they say. Cheyenne, Laramie, etc., God's country for sure. Got polished picture jasper from Jasper Wy made into a string bolo tie too as a remembrance of the state. Wore bolo's all my life besides western wear. I hadn't seen the world except for Canada and the Bahama's but did camp in all but 7 of the continental United States. Well, keep the memories coming as the muse strikes my friend, Whiskers.

Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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