thoughts of a young man..


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    thoughts of a young man..

    im a motherfuckin poet
    and i aint even know it
    GOD’s giving me chance
    i pray i dont blow it

    the whole world changing
    we got something hope for
    a black man running for prezi
    who da fuck you think im gone vote for

    do you believe in magic?
    and i dont mean rabbits in a damn hat
    im talkin bout miracles
    you should find where your faith at

    do you really listen to what rappers say?
    or to you, is it all the same rappin?
    do you believe your life has purpose?
    or do you just think shit happen?

    why niggas cant act right?
    when we gone stop?
    we try to fuck anything on two legs
    and cant love the one that we got

    its hard not to wanna do whateva fo the money
    when i got needs
    but why i cant stay steady?
    is it all this gotdamn weed?!

    why are some women just bitches?
    mean and rude
    some of em scandolous
    some worst than these dudes

    the justice system fucked up for a brother
    it is set up against us
    catch a charge, they want money
    burger king aint gone cut it, he back slangin the same dust

    why niggas gotta be gangsta?
    act to tough to hug somebody
    life short, love sweet
    boy you betta love somebody

    why do we destroy our women?
    treat em like things
    there GOD’s gift to us
    we should treat em like queens

    thats just a few things on my mind
    to give the youth
    write whats on your heart
    i pray that we all find the truth

    milla g

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    Walt Whitman, American Poet (1819-1892)

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