Through innocent eye's


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  • Hello fellow poets. I am originally from a very small very remote town in the woods of northern Maine.The town had a population of 560 souls.I was brought up( in what some would consider to be) abject poverty.If I was I never knew it. Simply due to the fact that everyone around me was in the same "boat".I have been writing from my teens. I enjoy the woods to this day. I hunt fish and hike whenever possible.And through the years I've learned that there is a God and that I'm not it. "SLIM"

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This is for my Grandson.Without the innocents in his eye's,I'd still be "blind"

Through innocent eye's

The awestruck look in his innocent eye's
As he gazed into the snowy skies.
I wondered what it was that thrilled him so.

For the years gone by had tainted me
And though I tried, I couldn't see
anything more than that cursed snow.

To him this seemed a blessed sight.
This magical powder,soft and white!
But to me, I saw the work that lie ahead.

He scooped some up in his tiny hand.
 And still I tried to understand.
For I felt no joy, what I felt was dread.

He threw himself to the ground
And began to wiggle all around
And I told him to get up! Lest he get cold.

Then I thought to myself,
He looks just like a little elf!
Standing there,I watched him as he rolled.

Then suddenly it occurred to me.
That this was how it used to be.
Before the world had taken me astray.

And I dropped down,took a knee
And he laughed and squealed with glee
As his Grampie jumped into the fray.

Later on that Christmas eve
I fell again to my knees
To say a word of thanks for his grace.

So Merry Christmas one and all!
To all of us, big or small.
Through innocent eye's, this worlds a better place.

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WordSlinger commented on Through innocent eye's


This is just awesome, I love it, I posted it in the forum, :) ty Merry Christams, WS & Maddi



Again I thank you! Have a blessed Christmas! And to you and yours,Happy New Year!!!!!

Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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