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If time could tell a story
of what you mean to me
it would take us back in history
to when I was young and fancy free

I wasn't particularly looking
there were many things to my amuse
performing in a play called " Cats "
was definitely where I was at

Then one day you strolled my way
And I caught a glimpse of you
what a long drink of water you were
with your boots and eyes of blue

For a moment I thought I'd died
and gone to heaven for sure
there standing before me was
the most handsome prince on earth

Please someone pinch me
wake me from this dream
I'm just so damn excited
I feel like I'm gonna scream

When you looked my way
my heart skipped a beat
and suddenly I knew
this was just the beginning
of a love fresh and new

If time could tell a story
of what you mean to me
it would tell a tale
of true love forever meant to be

~ Mary A. Eaton ~
(C) 2

Tags: Love, Relationship, Time

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nhorlandi commented on Time


Romanticism, that's what it is. As I read the verses it tickles me, I mean my heart begs me to fall in love again. Oh, oh, oh you naughty gal. 10+



I kindy thank you for the read and the sweet comments-- that makes me happy-- Mary

RPT40 commented on Time


This got me thinking of the memorable sparks in my life. Nothing feels better.

bklynrizz commented on Time


The flow was a bit interupted. Never-the-less, you portrayed true love at its infancy. A beautiful poem. Keep writing.

mariadapoesia commented on Time


So sweet! It's wonderful to find the love of your life, a sublime experience one will never forget. You say it beautifully!

If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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