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I wrote this poem because its time to let go, what I thought I felt with the man I loved. It been 2and half years, In reality, he is not coming back so I need to let go. Its really hard because I felt something different with this man.I wasn't looking for luv, it snuck up on me. It seems like I got to pray for him even if I havent seen him for awhile. Written this poem just made me fill closer to him and i'm not around him. I got to let go and today I will no matter what.Reality


Gliding down the highway, 
mind drift off the road, mesmerizing on things once ago
I thought I had love but it flew out the door
Wasn't looking for love,cubit held me down
at somebody else front door,made up my mind 
give God all my time
Never knew, I was the bait down the way,
I just wanted to spend time with God, study and pray
stumbling block was the plot , to block my way
living one day at a time, enemy setting up to delay
Just got out a relationship ,new my plans and what I wanted to do
The devil new my weakness, set me up to fall,
he's mad at me cause I chose God,
Not blinded anymore , I founded peace and joy
supposed to kelp straight not to look no other way
I got off the straight and narrow road and went another way
It was a distraction and a delay 
Can't be mad at him all the way
I'm just much foolish to trust and believe him anyway
I should have prayed about it and just waited
waited on my heavenly Father, direct me on which way
never felt love in this such way,
it scared me, from one hug one day
wasn't looking for love anytime soon by the way
I felt like his missing rib inner twinning
in one body that day
never felt the same since that day,
will  I every be normal again one day,
this type of love never come everyday
can't explain why this happen and why I felt that way
I wish I new, still search my mind all the time
I hope I haven't lose my mind
it been past the time,
he didn't fill the same,
Help me Lord, I know what I felt
somebody told me, it was just something jump on me
Called the spirit of,
I still wait,
I know what I felt on that day,
Now, is the time,
let go and move on
he's not come back,
you no it in your heart,
Give it truly to
My wounded and pierce heart,
by the

copyright(c) 2012

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Kingwebstar commented on Time


This is simple beautiful great write my friend .forget money over everything it is God over everything .I love your writings never stop or quit.

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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