Tiny Chambers


  • Nature
    • Tinytree
    • Beginning a new adventure; a new stage in life.

    Poem Commentary

    I will never look at the dense forest floor the same way again...

    Tiny Chambers

    I wondered off the beaten path
    to explore the mossy forest floor
    the thick soft leaves hid many things
    but not what I had expected.

    I lost my sandal there between two rocks
    up to my knee I sank.
    I felt dried leaves and rough tree roots
    embed between my toes.

    I looked down the hole once I was out
    and was thoroughly amazed.
    Little chambers lined up there
    all warm and musty smelling.

    Some creature had packed the fallen leaves
    between the dense small roots
    I used several sticks to find my shoe
    But it was to no avail.

    The more I prodded the further it went
    years and years of dropping leaves
    made walls and beds for some small head
    to sleep away the harsh weather.

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    icu2 commented on Tiny Chambers


    I'll bet he found use of your shoe too. What a lovely insightful poem on various aspects of nature.

    StandingBear commented on Tiny Chambers


    It's really great the creature wasn't there at the time your leg slipped into it's home. An original write! SBear

    dancinghawk commented on Tiny Chambers


    i love that you lost your shoe and found someone else's path! lol ... wonders all around us all the time, indeed ... thx for the post!! -dh

    Forestbird commented on Tiny Chambers


    For some reason my comment for this poem went to night lights.

    WordSlinger commented on Tiny Chambers


    I like this when they get home, they'll be like some one has been here, some ones been here, was it Goldilocks?? :) Nice write for the morning, ty WS

    Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

    Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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