Tired Eyes


  • Angst

    Tired Eyes

    My tired eyes see your blind eyes
    You see nothing, hear nothing, know nothing.
    You live in a mindless non human world, a robotic injection, my eyes see it all.
    You feel nothing, the constent lies being hammered into your brain. The smoke you breathe is choking you and still you feel nothing.
    Your lungs are cancered with greed, my eyes see it all.
    Your king will one day ask for your life and for all the wrong reasons you will let him have it.
    Once you're dead you'll be free. Your dead eyes will realize the real lies you were so glad to be part of.
    You will cry in vain, dead, to know that you have wasted your life and sold your soul, my tired eyes have seen it all.

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    DeepEclipse commented on Tired Eyes


    Strong delivery. Gave me a different mindset to think of -tired eyes- vs -blind eyes- Makes one appreciate the struggle to keep ownership of yourself. Perhaps struggle truly builds character as they say. Enjoyed the read.

    soulwriter commented on Tired Eyes


    This is artful prose strongly ties together an emotional allegory. "your tired eyes will one day realize the real lies" is so solid and deliverable. Well done, Write on".

    DearAlice commented on Tired Eyes


    i like the part where you say "the constant lies being hammered into your brain" and "once your dead you'll be free"



    this is one of my favorites! funny story inspired by a t-shirt!..lol

    WordSlinger commented on Tired Eyes


    Very intense, I know what you mean when you say a robotic injection, Dumb asses, lol

    Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

    Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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