To Each His Own


To Each His Own

To each his own,
He believe's what he see's,
So leave him alone if you could,
Wont you please?
To each his own,
He's happy with less.
Please leave him alone if he doesn't want stress.
To each his own,
He always wants more.
He's driven,
And anxious for what life has in store!
To each his own,
Cause he's best at his worst,
And appreciates life for all that it's worth.
To each his own,
Inspired by things,
He find's all his hope with desire's & dreams!
To each his own,
His illness could kill,
But he wins back his health with nothing but will.
To each his own,
There are other ways.
Please don't be afraid.
Please choose to be brave.
To each his own,
Not just excepting one's way,
It's how you see life.
It's how it's portrayed.


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irielove commented on To Each His Own


as in intravert i love this poem, as a mello quiet person i may make it my was very well written!!! i appreciate you insight and your words!!! kudos

stellar commented on To Each His Own


very well written made me less strange of my liking to be a alone...i really always want to be in solitude...thanks for your poem..this somehow helps me



I hope your illness will soon come to pass - your comments are profound & genuine leaving me wanting to provide more for you. If my words can take you out of your pain for even one second It makes every hour of my time writting them well worth it. Hang in there T -

JadedJezzabel commented on To Each His Own


If the world were a perfect place.....this is how all people would be accepting eachother not only for who are but from what we are not........i learned that from a 16 year old girl who breaks my heart

Lyfe commented on To Each His Own


Nice Piece, So True if we could only see life that way. Good choice.

sherry122 commented on To Each His Own


You don’t ask God for too much -- you ask for too little. Recognize that your world is your own creation -- Marianne Williamson ( I very much enjoyed reading your poem, I think it’s just perfect.

Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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