To the sea


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To the sea

To the sea. Follow me

Frenzy, Turbulence, Pandemonium
Joy or misery. Follow me.
Tranquility, Placidity, Serenity
To the sea, Follow me.

Commotion, Agitation, Confusion
Bliss or grief. Follow me
Delight, Fruition, Revelry
To the sea, Follow me.

To the sea, Follow me

Sorrow, Melancholy, Remorse
Delight or Lament. Follow me
Satisfaction, Enjoyment, Contentment
To the sea, Follow me

Unsettled, Distressed, Overwrought
Ecstasy or Distress. Follow me
Charm, Pleasure, Enchantment
To the sea, Follow me

To the sea, Follow me

Dismay, Chagrin, Trepidation
Confidence or Humiliation. Follow me
Jubilation, Bliss, Paradise
To the sea. Follow me

Upheaval, Restlessness, Distraction
Tranquility or Agitation. Follow me
Friendship, Love, Reconciliation
To the sea. Follow me

The choice is yours.
Follow me, To the sea, To the sea
JJB 6/5/09

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NacolleMarie commented on To the sea


ohh very well written! I have many written about the sea and the emotion in the movement of the waves,.. i need to post more soon, and spend more time reading your work.

mysticmynd commented on To the sea


O my I think if I would have followed you to the see I'd be in a mental institute but I got it. Good work

carmentis commented on To the sea


very good approach to the discriptive rendetioning of the sea as form but also i think metpohicaly speaking on trust and realionships

Allie commented on To the sea


Wow I the the flow of this poem....It is complex yet simplistic...I love the fact we have choices...

Kelstorm commented on To the sea


The sea is a reflection of the emotional self. Examining the adjectives you gave, is it any wonder a male mind has such a hard time swimming in the same waters of a female. While to a man, a storm at sea is mild, compared to a female's expression that enters mach-4 and 5 degrees strong. Everything is blown away. That's the sea for you

Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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