I can’t move,

Stuck in the past,

The, light, it shines,

I reach for it,

But it’s right outside of my grasps,

I began to fall,

I began to gasp,

The light at the end of the tunnel seems to pass,

My life begins to move way to fast

 A downwards spiral is what I see

The life that’s left begins to leave

I’m left there alone

I began to bleed

All I’m left with is

Wondering who I am



Looking in the mirror of my life

Not seeing what I’m like

Not seeing the good

When people say I should

Trying to fight

Fight for just one sight

In to the life that I left,

I left because it was just, to right

But now it’s all out of sight

Left or right

I see no trail

Back in sight



Feeling like a helpless little girl

In this cold unforgiving world

Seeing there should be something more

My hart and mind begins to sore

Then I can see

The light has returned

Because see what I’ve learned

Is you have to be burned before you can earn the keep in this world

You have to give everything to the one who has held you up enough to fight for the right to stay in this unending journey   



The king of kings came and visited me that day

That’s the light that seemed so far away

I lost sight of it not because he left, but because I turn away

Now life is moving right

And the light is always left in my sight

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Rhymer commented on Trapped


Enjoyed the flow of this well written piece. Excellent write.



thank u verry much!

ayyan commented on Trapped


Very nice flow of thoughts and good writing which have captured my views- So noie of you poet - young



thank u verry much i apresheate it!

Sx9 commented on Trapped


this is a complete work of ones patience and time and the pride and guidance of ones diligence,yes your vibes is free and the story is true and strong,,write on young soul,,



awe thanks it means a lot to me!

ESSENCEOFLOVE commented on Trapped


I like your thought process in this one and the realization and spiritual awakening that reveals itself gradually in the poem. Great write..............E



thank u alot it means a lot to me! i realy love what i do and for you to see what ot is im trying to get across exspesuely in this one! its how i feel and it is one that i was not to posative about putting up! thanks!

Poetry is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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