Trick or treat in the Streets of hollowed teens.....


  • Altair
  • Don't read me, I am not that good.......

Poem Commentary

A tale of a tortured and confused soul that has fallen upon impressions circumstance that exist in the one person she had thought loved her, though only loved her usefulness...

Trick or treat in the Streets of hollowed teens.....

So very restless, she speaks in lovely conquest
This test is the best she can do to impress
to suppress the mind with her bodily shine
ask any man, "she's mine", for the night is fine
Why as the car's drive by with shy
gestures of uncertain pleasures refined
stops on the corner, number one in her trial
and tribulations suggested in her mind gone wild
she hesitates but the calm voice soothes her
detached his dark soul draws close to amuse her
seducing the fantasy of him and she
she thinks tears are flowing but her eyes are simply
lonely, this woman so callus and empty
misunderstood in the hood of her tragedy
anywhere she'll rather be then here right now
but the promised stardom pushes forward down
deeper and deeper in this endless feature
of lust for false love for the bottom dweller
Sets in the car unconscious of all
surroundings appalled, smells of cologne and leather
he smiles not at her, but his thoughts etcetera
speaks unheard of things in whispered plethora
Alone together he reaches over
"take your clothes off let me rub you tender"
his smile indeed such an evil pretender
begins to engender
within her tainted circle forever
He gets a little rough, she envisions the weather
its destructive nature, as it still gives pleasure
all this justification just to make this better
but its still no use cause she's lost it forever
This moment has passed
the stale breath and overcast
of sweat, the aftermath she yearns for a bath
this thought is interrupted as he hands her cash
"thanks sweetheart" we'll have to do this again
with a smack on the ass, turns around and laughs
out the door so fast, she really feels like trash
Eyes stared listless, this can't be love
looking up at the ceiling she awaits response
gets dressed walks down the hallway so slow
what awaits her now, she does not know
her hollow locks out her soul that follows
through the double doors, sky dripping in hallow
she enters this canvas, such a rush to her frame
warm breeze, cold rain, she cannot maintain
as her soul re-enters her hollow drained
her eyes mimic the clouds, salted thrust they rained
she can't hold back as her soul knows the shame
she embraces in fact, then screams to the wind
lame as her legs give out she falls to the ground
in the puddle so sound, it mimics her now
staring at this face she cannot compound
the make up out of place, a metaphor to leave town
still on the ground in the puddle surrounding
many still walk by, not caring, astounding
then suddenly an SUV approaches
stopped adjacent to her, the window opened
'tis was the bottom dweller, with his smooth talking
"what the hell are you doing in the rain, get in"
slight hesitation, but couldn't resist
his eyes of dark bliss speaks volumes in brisk
undertones she turns away from the puddle of common sense
standing and anticipating the suspense
he captured her innocence, what a clever trick
treating herself to the risk she walks to magic
lightning and thunder beacons an early call
an angel hovers over in the cloud above her
ascended in his mind was the message upended
as she reaches for the door, that message delivered

heaven sent
her life is ended
soul is rendered
now given a new home suspended
above all things in a garden tended
by underground rivers and plush light descended
Trick or treat in the streets of this hollow teen
both but the treat was better in scheme...

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SuperChick76 commented on Trick or treat in the Streets of hollowed teens.....


I have read this one before, i believe, but I thought I'd just go ahead and read it again for you. I believe 'tis even more saddening a read than when I first read it. A horror tale of reality. Brilliantly expressed in such distraught a tone. Brilliant write, my friend.



yes this is one I had posted before, just thought it was something that should follow me in my new endeavor for all so see that know the story and familiarize with it also...thanks prodigy

knight4696 commented on Trick or treat in the Streets of hollowed teens.....


Altair - Damn this is intensely sad ... Such a vivid look into the world of teenage prostitution. A heart-wrenching tale indeed my friend. Written in true Altair style! :) I can't say I enjoyed it .. because it is not meant for pleasure ... but I commend you on taking on such a difficult and controversial topic with such class. Another Awesome Job my friend! :) Ken



Thank you, and I hate the content as well, but felt is a necessity to show my disgust for those that impression women into such acts..

SavVySam commented on Trick or treat in the Streets of hollowed teens.....


The harsh, raw, and ugly world you write of is ours...these children belong to all of us...this world exists...tragic wastefulness..



indeed it is my friend indeed it is...thank you for indulging

WordSlinger commented on Trick or treat in the Streets of hollowed teens.....


I like this alot, this is like a movie, retro, and modern, ty Ws



Thank you WS, I was hoping you would have read my latest, it may be more up your alley, but anytime you come to my page is a favored endeavor. =)

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