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This was written for my one true love. My Fiance James.


                                 TWIN SOULS

Wouldn’t  it be nice if we could meet, smile and pretend we had met before.

As though there were a light that called your soul to mine, like a beacon.

Across galaxies, perhaps ions of time, predestined and alive on unseen days.

What a wonderous thought to begin again where we left off,

 so many Lifetimes ago.

With no hard feelings between us, and so many life lessons learned.

Like so many times before, we come together effortlessly.

Oceans of possibilities before us, as we walk along the shores, hand in hand.

More than friends, more than any lovers could hope to be,

we are twin souls.

We revolve like planets around the infinate solar system.

We evolve around the lessons that only time can teach us.

Growing and enlightened we walk toward the sun that always rises,

We journey toward greater acomplishment, seeking love

with constant Joy in our hearts.

We are one through tolerance and understanding.

I am your teacher and your student, as you are mine.

We move together and through each other like pure fluidity.

I feel questions and answers unfolding, in your preasence

Revealing ancient mysteries, like dreams unfolding, the birth of new life.

You my unextinguishible love, my undying companion.

I treasure you as I treasure life itself.

For you, we, are a gift from God.

     By KEP   3/10/09

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xntric commented on TWIN SOULS


That was awesome! Love Carmen

Poetry is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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