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A rather deep poem.......


You said you "would never hurt me", the words echoing in my mind as the pain reverberates throughout my chest

A promise is hard to keep I guess, so play all those sad songs I keep hearing in my head

My disconsolation now joined with the rest, it's no consolation that I gave it my best

Deception is in the air, disrespect abundantly clear

Inhaling toxic lies told by the one you held so dear

So fragrantly treacherous and cunning

You could only hope it was a dream

Though whispers reveal the truths previously unseen

Confrontation quickly follows leading then to denial

Pride eventually swallowed as confessions ensue

Conveniently apologetic words from your mouth then spew

Why is it you're sorry once you've already been caught?

That's like test driving a car once it's already been bought

How repentant can a person genuinely be?

When since it's solely because the truths exposed

That you're even hearing the words “I’m sorry”

They say time heals everything, who knows if that’s true

If it is then great, but then how long do I have to wait?

Will my heart heal as quickly as the time it took to break?

Or will I wallow in self pity with this persistent stomachache

What if it takes as much time as the memories we've made

Memories that I unwillingly replay, wishing them to stop for my dues have been paid

Has time betrayed us somehow? For it is something we can never get back

What if time could be rewound, would we choose to keep our memories intact?

Isn't it funny how memories are the things that hurt us most?

Like a shot to the heart, or a stab in the back

Yet can also provide solace when hard times befall us

Remember the day when everything was ok?

Questions are still left unanswered, feelings left suppressed

Only time will tell if the decisions made, were for the worst or for the best




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Skite commented on Uncertainty


wow, really deep thinking of one-self-examination, great, only time seems to give us all that answers....10 for me..:)

kdarcy commented on Uncertainty


Without questions, one would seek no answers or understand why things happened the way they did, time answers many as the experience is found, be well, take a read of mine please if you find moment, " Leave Something Behind " , thanks, be well k

smoothdame commented on Uncertainty


wow great job I like all the questions this poem made me think about alot of things. such beauty an passion a breath of fresh air.

dahlusion commented on Uncertainty


"Questions are still left unanswered, feelings left suppressed" —this wraps it up perfectly. The beauty to this piece is your mouthful of passion and love. Bravo!! Peace and Light, dah

Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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