Unearthly Manifest...


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Unearthly Manifest...

What dark cold eyes foreseen in this disguise
projected by the forest of lies I've compromised.
As I walk down the sediment path of lost cries
trapped in such history forever chastised.
Her name was Syphyne, called a soulless concubine
of the darkness unnamed, left here through time.
I don't understand this haunting paradigm
therefore I find myself here, again, to incline.

Indulging in the smoke of my spliff, I exhale
defiance never felt by these entrails of hell.
Step after step, the whispers give me chills
yet I smile to covert my implicative wills.
My wiles thus concealed, as a glimmer reveals
the essence, the soul, a crystal ball has fell.
Upon the ground I kneeled to caress the teal
blue, became the seal, as I'm whisked to its dream world.

Awaken in a state of stupor, I'm feeling faint
my face that of red paint, must be the rain.
Taste of blood on my lips, this plane is insane
the clouds leak with injury, it's not the same place.
The trees have been replaced with haunting grain
naked bodies lie pantomime in briars to shame.
Hollowed screams echoing, all pierce my brain
this is not a dream, I've fallen into Syphyne's domain.

A three eyed crow perched upon my shoulder
whispered in my ear, "I will take you to her."
I told it, "I will manage, your third eye's on fire"
swallowed the crow whole...a tasty satisfier.
I then sprouted wings, flying over this empire
into the bowels of the beast, Syphyne's asylum.
Trek after haunting trek through blood perspired
I will find her..I cannot start over.

Such a lost cause it seems, standing erect
in retrospect I would neglect to search for this wretched
Being born of evil birthing my thought to keep moving
The rain has stopped, clouds bled out from leaking.
Still dreaming I come upon an ocean of heathens
Drinched in cold sweat, dawn's maliciously peaking
Swiftly I dive an archangel of sword spinning
Smiting my enemy, WHERE IS THE SYPHYNE!!?
No words I let sweep from the lips of the jinn
Thus I come upon Syphyne, I've reached my beginning...

Such a beautiful creature, potent eyes to deceive me
I'm attracted to...what a fanciness she brings~
This is the charm of evil in its darkest esteem
But why am I fallen in love with the scene?
Questions, no answers, as she reached out for me
As everything she knew justified within me
I am of she, this harbour of demon seeds?
So what does this make me? The Death of my reality?

Her free flowing locks still caress this vessels cheek
Warmth so welcoming, it ruptures my deep sleep
Coughing to heavy breathing the orb lies at my feet
It now becomes clear I'm the shadow hyperbole
Of Syphyne's reality manifested as my dream
This forest is home and this is where I must be
Stood to my feet the orb vanished within me
Now mind's darkness complete in of its forestry....

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Allseasonsverse commented on Unearthly Manifest...


Masterful and superb, an excellent epic poem of our times, Kudos my friend! This is an amazing piece. Thank you my Friend. ASV



This was such a fun write. I am glad you enjoyed it ASV =)

knight4696 commented on Unearthly Manifest...


Altair my friend .. you are still one of the best poets I've read. Your rhyming and flow is impeccable as ever .. and you never disappoint me. You have one hell of an imagination and this story is just another tribute to your many talents. Great read my friend .. keep them coming :) Ken



OMG if it isn't my main main knight...long time no see man, Im glad you caught my expression, comments come once a leap year these days lol...thank you soo sooo much for visiting again...helps keep the fire burning

Poetry is what is lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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