unfairly fairy


unfairly fairy

she lived in a fry pan next to the fridge
using the handle as some kind of bridge
she'd sleep all day not a word, not a peep
she came alive once the house fell asleep
she'd climb out onto the pan's fragile mantle
and on her way out she's grab a candle
she'd strike the match and touch the wick
a flame appeared, "that does the trick."

she ran through drawers and personal things
like photos, wallets, bracelets and rings
she hid cell phones, car keys and such
and stole loose change but, "never too much."
she smiles and lies and makes things up
computer files she was sure to corrupt
small as a button but what a thief
"why be a chump when you can be a chief ?''

she lived in a fry pan next to the fridge
and peeked and blinked beyond it's ridge
she dreamed of worlds where dreams came true
but mostly thought of troubling you
she'd dance and sing in the medicine chest
and sabotage that pregnancy test
she had one rule on hating and loving :
"if you can't stand the heat, don't stand in the oven !"

she lived in the kitchen in the old, old house
she pickled the pig and mauled the mouse
she squashed the spider and cooked the goose
but liked Riding Hood, she let her loose.


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Kingwebstar commented on unfairly fairy


This was a cool yet funny post great job. One of my favorites by you too



thank you so much , kingwebstar. i think this was my first entry to OP. i do love your writing and the intensity. fan over here :) but you already know that.

EyesOfRain commented on unfairly fairy


I can't stop reading this! I love it so much! It makes me laugh and think of happy things :)))



still triyng to fine the time to do the drawing and publish it as a childrens book. thank you, eyes !



When you do finish your book PLEASE PLEASE let me know!



okay, absolutely.

EyesOfRain commented on unfairly fairy


This is spectacular! I LOVE this! Added to my favorites :)) Wonderfully creative and thoroughly enjoyable. Excellent work!!!



oh thank you so much ! most appreciated and i have been enjoying your work. compliling some comments to tell you what i think. so far, as you know, i am blown away by your talent !

tierra7 commented on unfairly fairy


Awesome...beautiful Flow... I really dug this piece!! Ya should come share your writin'... come check us out!!! Love & Light,Tierra

cheronld commented on unfairly fairy


"why be a chump when you can be a chief ?''....."if you can't stand the heat, don't stand in the oven !".....Lol....I needed that smile....this is a great whimsical piece....its also an unexpected surprise from writes I've read from you before....I'm glad you stopped by so that I could do the same and be so enchanted....nicely done my friend...Cher

Poetry is what is lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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