Unisyghtcles...whatever that is...


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random...nothing more

Unisyghtcles...whatever that is...

The distal, whistling, voice has entered
The tone is loud, to which part it centers
weathering storms I prose in winter
for the rhyme of the harp is struck so tender...

A splendid pretender of the lungs remembered
the tap of the keys unlocks the wonder
wandering words I catch amongst the
time of the stars glass reflecting asunder...

I beseech thee to journey with Aries
the trail of the dead seas I bathe in regulary
I bask unsteadily in the summer's melody
in sight of the rising moon glowing east...

Take a look, deep, in the core of this feat
as metaphors weave in and out to the beat
as the drums retreat in the eminent victory
I foresee nonchalant paces reprieved...

I cannot make sense of the trees
I cannot make sense of the seas
I cannot make sense of the ease
I formulate the spoken word into poetry...

There is a gathering of the minds inclined
to speculate upon a battling of the minds
for my cattle reclines to the rattling of time
unsaddling the entity roaming as blind....

I am nature redefined in my sublime confine
as I turn the world upside down in my rhyme
turn it sideways in an explicit design
for this poem is nothing to you..just mine
Unisightcal =)

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ApaqRasgirl commented on Unisyghtcles...whatever that is...


ah, yes I remember reading this one before, but I read it again and alas this one was quite fun and delightful to read again......another wonderful read dear.........thanks for sharing such magnificent words for all your friends......love asha........delightful my dear, simple delightful



Ras!! ty ty ty ty ty sooo much, so sorry I was late on this comment, not sure how in the world I missed it..=)

Rygar commented on Unisyghtcles...whatever that is...


not your usual formatting but the brilliance is the same. and actually the break in the stanzas forces you to slow your roll and to intake what you just read before moving on to the next... ... you know I'm a fan.... :-) one.

Marsink commented on Unisyghtcles...whatever that is...


I can't begin to unravel what you have written in a cryptic sort of rhyming riddle. It seems the first stanza is about processing what you hear and the next is sound and vision perceptions. the third is the experience of a journey (actual or mental). The fourth is a summation presented as the stanza of the poem itself (which is very metaphorical and ethereal). The fifth is a confession of your own understanding to that point as you prepare it to be shared with us. the sixth is those who come to read and decipher its depth and graze upon its intent and interpretation. As you wrote it as a 'ramble', the posture of the reader is that it is aimless or blind. The seventh is your contentment that it wasn't written to be 'understood' and your whole purpose is to have the mind of the reader turned into a pretzyl, and that's ok with you!! Applause spinning!!



Mars I must say you are a Titan when it comes to understanding poetry...your ability to read between the lines and decipher each word and stanza amazes me...I did not expect anyone to truly get what I wrote here yet you did it masterfully....I trust you have been to your own unisyghtcle ...thank you so much for visiting

ApaqRasgirl commented on Unisyghtcles...whatever that is...


Wow that was a really poetic rhyming piece and I don't believe you SuSpence.......lol..........cause I didn't get it either, but love the rhythm and flow with rhyming just fine...........thanks for the great read.....love asha

SuSpence commented on Unisyghtcles...whatever that is...


I understood this one completely!!!!!!!!!!! Haha just kidding, I am with knight, The meaning is confusing as you say, but like him I loved the lyrical tone and flow to this piece, I read it three times though Haha, Peace and Love, Spence

If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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