Until My Dying Day


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    Filled with purpose beyond my earthly comprehension.  I have formatted center because FB sets margins too close. 

    Until My Dying Day



    There are few things that can be done

                Until our dying day

    And fewer ways still

                To assure more hearts are won.


    Except for writing words

                That flow magically from the heart

    With rhythm, no matter our will

                To hide what will impart



    Creation is creation;

                A smorgasbord of wonder

    A buffet, a feast of joy

                Ne’er to be put asunder


    Humankind through its selfishness

                Has yet to understand

    The likeness to be had in those

                Who walked ‘ore this land


    So, hats off to my predecessors

                Who light the way my path

    Kudos to my intercessors

                Who lift me as I waft



    I ne’er chose this way for me

                Lo, ‘twas given me

    By what most consider a tragedy

                Joy was given by thoughts of Thee.


    In the center of the circle

                I link the past to the future

    And share the promise of forever

                To every new believer.


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    FreeBird02 commented on Until My Dying Day


    I too agree you wrote this one deep from within your heart. Beginning to current depths in time, you told the stories of how your final days among us will great you as a rewarding time of rest. Great job.



    "Find one's own purpose and do not assume another's, add a desire for excellence..." Thank you.



    Please keep on writing... You possess the ability... Write On!

    NevillePark commented on Until My Dying Day


    Just slowly getting around to check out the poetry of my OP friends. Jean I can tell that you were inspired doing this one. You wrote from your spirit. Lovely work!



    So many places to go, people to see ! Thank you for your kind words. I plan to allocate more time to the many new friends I've met here (and there). ;-D

    Tempestlady commented on Until My Dying Day


    It's important to center ones thoughts and words. Right? You are a tool of creation and bringin things together. To be used so is an honor for which to be thankful. You are truly blessed and talented. I enjoyed this piece immensely. Write on......



    I am grateful for your kind words and encouragement. Be blessed.

    Marsink commented on Until My Dying Day


    Very imploring for us to perceive that Someone calls our name and it's not the inner child, or our own voice. Thanks for a very deft unveiling of your heart's inclinations and response to the Creator. your words are blessed and a blessing to the reader.



    Your kind words add inspiration. Reconciliation.

    kdarcy commented on Until My Dying Day


    Reflection forward, backward and held within, the human spirit and belief was never really ours ... it was given for a reason. A great write.Be well, k



    and, there is no greater gift than to pay homage to that reason. Thank your for taking the time.

    If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

    Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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