[ Untilted ] [ 6/26/12 ]


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    [ Untilted ] [ 6/26/12 ]

    You can't hear me screaming,
    You never could,
    Maybe for once in your life
    You'll open your eyes and understand.

    I'm not that girl you want me to be
    I never was and I never will be.
    She's long gone and never coming back
    Just take your shit, you can start to pack.

    You can write my words however you want
    but I'll make you a promise that they will
    Never be mine.  You can teach the world your ways
    And tell them how much you hate them.

    But there is nothing to save me,
    I'm gone, I'm lost,  I'm travelling alone.
    I'm just going to breathe and let my life
    Go the way it wants to.

    I'll let destiny take it's course and teach
    me the things I need to learn.
    I'll tell my friends goodbye and I'll disappear.
    A lonely ghost lost in this world with no place to call home.

    My heart is breaking, my eyes are bleeding.
    I can't see the sun anymore and I know it's all my fault.
    So take these words I'm going to say
    And hope you know...I'm lost forever

    Forever is such a long time,
    It's not as long as I once wished it was.
    But it's long enough.
    One day in your arms and now I'm breaking majorly.

    It's time to run and to get away.
    I'll take the knife and cut away my pain.
    Could you hear me if I spoke?
    Would you understand anything I had to say?

    Can my words teach you the real me?
    Can you talk like everything is fine?
    If I were with you as you read this...Would you even cry?
    Could you tell me you can't live without me?

    When you read my words, I hope you know.
    That this is forever as long as I'm not with you.
    How can you continue to sleep when you know I'm gone.
    Why is it that you had to be the one to hurt me?

    Good-Bye is all I have to say.
    So keep this letter and let me fade,
    Remember the good times and never cry for me.
    This is the last line I'll tell you...I'd never ever trade....

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    Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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