Untitled Poetry Out Spoken


Untitled Poetry Out Spoken

Walked on top of stones
Freezing-cold hands, bones.
darkness slowly falls
suddenly it's real
I'm all alone.

Stepped in front of earth
with a past full of so much hurt
climbed on top of goals
ran to touch-save souls.

Recovered to recover another
Uncovered to cover a sister

Forgave to help forgive
once enslaved now free.
Wounded to help close open wounds,
while bleeding to help stop the blood of others.

Abused, yet not an abuser
Used, never misused others' issues.
Strong to one day strengthen,
longing to one day belong.

Separated to one day
being reunited
with siblings, family,
each other-after living a life
without sisters or brothers.

Scared for a life of change
determined that someone else is to blame.
Relying on the slowly dying
worshiping statues that are cracking.

One Lord-One Faith-One Baptism
then why so many religions?
why so many brand-new-built prisons

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phatdaddee commented on Untitled Poetry Out Spoken


Really liked the word-play in this poem. Fav line: "longing to one day belong." Wow how poetic is that! Thanks for sharing!

motorheadaches commented on Untitled Poetry Out Spoken


Effective confluence of rational thought driven emotions to divulge the pain and struggle one must overcome to bring others from the depths of disparity. I love the interpersonal nature of this piece!

Sali commented on Untitled Poetry Out Spoken


I love this one! Great flow, I felt like I was reading a river of truth! Well done!

EWR commented on Untitled Poetry Out Spoken


Great opening stanza! It really grabs the readers attention. Yes, one religion is slintered because of all the attention wasted to squabbling over the minutiae.

4Him commented on Untitled Poetry Out Spoken


this is a most moving poem. i really think you actually grabbed the meaning of what the Apostle Paul was saying about becoming that which you wish to reach. very powerful indeed; i am glad that i experienced it.

Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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