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    That day, I sat in silence their verdict was read.
    They were hoping to silence my spirit to render it dead.
    Feeling abandoned and alone, I could take their words no more.
    Desecration of my spirit, I was made to feel like your whore.
    The scripture was presented and sacred that it be.
    It was presented as evidence to be used against me.
    Written my love for only your eyes to behold;
    In honor of your spirit and the depth of your soul.
    Seductress of Satan; devils pawn is what I be;
    Accused of seducing innocent spirits to empower me.
    I sat there in silence.
    I could not let you suffer it alone.
    The whip tearing at your flesh, as you withheld each agonizing moan.
    My beloved Yeshua, the memory haunts me still.
    How you gave of yourself of your own free will.
    In honor of our love to protect me from this worldly scorn.
    My beloved feel not forgotten, feel not forlorn.
    My place is beside you, you shall suffer alone no more.
    My spirit I shall sacrifice; it is an honor to be called your whore.
    Born of your spirit, twin soul of God’s will;
    My spirit cannot be silenced; it cannot be rendered still.
    We do not need your sanction, no longer is it sealed.
    My ruling shall commence, let the truth be revealed.
    My spirit shall not be silenced; my verdict shall be read.
    My spirit lives for love of this man.
    Dare to silence this truth;
    You have rendered your spirit dead.

    Copyright 2009

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    Drivingczar commented on Untitled


    Nice flow! Another great write!

    Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

    Unknown Source

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