And, So, Life Goes (C'est la Vie)


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And, So, Life Goes (C'est la Vie)

When you were young
I waited for the day you could speak.
I just knew we  would chat everyday
until our voices were too weak
--to talk.

Soon you talked
and my world stood still.
But not for long...
Another hill,
And you learned
--to walk.

It wasn't long 
You made friends
As my earth quaked.
You left again
And went to school.
--your world grew.

As you grew, I tried
To hold on to you.
But, you would cry
And wiggle free.
--I soon knew.

As a young man,
You would kiss my cheek
Before you left with friends.
Out the window I'd peek.
--You would leave me, too.

Now I am old and
Gray-haired and weak.
You come to visit.
I can barely speak.
--and you say...

"Momma, I love you.
You took care of me.
Thank you for being
The best momma to me."
-- my life passes away.

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StandingBear commented on And, So, Life Goes (C'est la Vie)


A stunning life write for your son. I hope he gets a chance to read this awesome poem you've written .. with all your heart.



someday Bear, some day you can tell him for me when I kcik the bucket,,, by the way, how will you know who to tell? I hsbe three sons.. Do you have any kids?



Mandi, here's hoping there will many, many years before you kick the bucket. I'll know which of your sons to tell and perhaps all three of them since you may have written your poem for all of them. I have every confidence you'll send their names and contacts in a private mail so i'll have a way to tell them .. and even before you kick the bucket if you like. I have three sons also.

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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