Upon My "Death"


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Upon My "Death"

Upon my death...
I bled the last breath of life left
only to confess, to myself, the ugliness
however, the beaconing of beauty within this
strikes my melody of imagery, becoming bliss.
A kiss in the alley of shadows, death walks
I am attracted to her presence, seduction of her talk
meanwhile her touch creates chills, what force
my soul hovers wildly as flames remorse lost
In this happening, I don't see light
I see the bright darkness her eyes ignite
a striking resemblance to darkness of night
such a smile, her onyx gown, so lovely her pith.

Upon my death, moons seduce my lonely tomb
the cornice, yet placed, shall establish my home
for my vessel, weightless from the lost of my soul
as death's ever-loving caress has consumed
my fire, her furnace, thus burned, has my cheeks flushed
pushed to the edge of love, sanity hushed
cursed to spend eternity, weeping blood
for her hunger, a metaphor, for I she loves.
I covet my crow as the dove to such a plight
death, my bitter heart, sweet, my every sight
upon my death it felt instantly right
so credulous, this affair, perhaps contrite?

What really happens in death? Breadth?
A paradox of infinite dualism of her cest
the essence from her chest, leads me to manifest
unconditional lust to satisfy her every tryst.

Thus it is said, you want this, accept it

Within my casket, the hollow vessel, trapped it

Took my hand, kissed my lips, emphatically

Floated to the ends of space where light isn’t fallacy

There is no other place I rather been, than here

With death’s gorgeousness so cautiously revered

Upon her dress was the silver lined celesta

So impressed, my soul, to her delivered

Upon my death I have seen many things

None of which were the reticent dreams

Of my uncomplacent life that I left unconvened

For in this reality of transcendent things

Death’s favoring happenstance’s the truest of meaning…

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MootPoint commented on Upon My "Death"


Good poem. I like the flow. Very good and very original. :)

Tempy commented on Upon My "Death"


In this happening, I don't see light I see the bright darkness her eyes ignite.... my favourite lines



ty tempy...long time miss

poett commented on Upon My "Death"


Although its dark n gothic I consider this beautiful. You make death less scary and as something appealing. Nice touch. How can someone stop reading your work when its so great. Hugs



ty so much poett, comment is much appreciated =)

jademelissa74 commented on Upon My "Death"


Whoa! Okay, so the great Altair takes through the essence of the beauty of death, it literally lifted me up high into a daydream and the journey to the inevitable end is almost exquisite in the fullness of the word. It is really great to see read your work once again my friend.




dahlusion commented on Upon My "Death"


This is so so very much the essence of pure Gothic imagery —bravo! "For in this reality of transcendent things"—beautiful!



ty dah, your comments are always welcomed and noted =)

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