Cosmic orbit, sudden change

All the planets rearrange

In the stars it is written

Forbidden fruit I have bitten

Knowledge is power, feeds my soul

Burns the fire, fuels the coal

In the order of the fallen star

Awakens the feeling of this scar

My pain craves vengeance from it’s creator

Impatiently waiting, now not later

Venom from my lips I’m tasting

Took the life you were wasting

Your soul once sweet now so sour

You lost control and your power

Tears start forming, in your eyes

Hold them back with your lies

I am the one you can’t forget

And have been the one you upset

Words have meaning a hidden fact

Filled with rage I attack

No remorse I keep going

Pools of blood quickly growing

Such a mess it’s so sticky

Fresh and warm, now just icky

Rotting maggots, spill your brains

melting flesh shows your veins

I am hungry and filled with anger

You know its true, your life’s in danger

So sorry you are but I don’t believe

From this hell I’ll relieve

This glory still waits my time is passion

My sorrow is small how I ration

So live your lie for a while

And take a drink from my vile

I promise you I’ll take it slow

And of course you’ll never know…

Giggles from this evil girl

Magic wand gives a twirl

Dancing happy nightmares ending

With this curse I’m sending…




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Poetry is what is lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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