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I am aware that a wake up call is being answered by a select few, reactions to the actions in situations of self destruction, however too we as a human race live in a “ME society” of "we have to have it all NOW" - living for today at any cost, not always weighing all the consequences. I don't personally do enough and I often neglect the simple things as in recycling because it is inconvenient. We have to save each of our environments one day and one action at a time, to rescue the planets health as a world whole – NOW not LATER! At this moment in time we must stand up as a united EARTH or know that the revelations of our consequences will be our Apocalypse!



Vanishing to be banished in the quiet deafness of not listening, a selective blindness to the warnings of what’s going wrong.

While firing mind impulses of confusion, we fail to have a conscience to recycle our ways of thinking and doing.

We are being eaten alive by our incompleteness of using until it’s all used up, misplaced in waste being a waste of time.

Never free from drinking the poisons of participation, drained from the deep wells of this evolution of pollution.

How do we separate the mass murder of trees and seas, from our toxic pleasures?

Landfills of hedonistic satisfaction, never fully measured to the sacrifice of the tragedy of sorrows when living for today to die a quicker tomorrow.

It’s a human degradation, a continual blasphemy against this world’s survival.

Where’s the obsession to avoid self destruction; is it lost in an indifference of having to own up to our own personal hole in space?

The planets fever is subconsciously going up, the heat never coming down – short circuiting existence in apocalyptic revelations.

We must view all that we have persecuted - the sky is bruised from our abuse, swallowed up in gradual disappearances.

Melting from shriveling sun rays; earth’s immortality is being executed as it dissolves through the trap door of an emptying atmosphere.

How do we replace the diminishing oxygen of our infinite sadness, for we can feel the air drowning us?

Current quality of life abandons us to live knee deep in the filth that has become our gas chamber?

Don’t let the combination of our generation’s last breath be the demise of every tomorrow.

In this human house we mustn’t be content in waiting for a certain death; if we cease to do we cease to be.

Tears won’t purify the sickened and stained waters, and falling birds don’t fly.

To what extent do we forfeit infinity, can’t we all bear witness in that we’ve become an endangered species?

Vanishing to be banished in the quiet deafness of not listening, a selective blindness to the warnings of what’s going wrong!

Copyright © 2009

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bjroach55 commented on Vanishing


We see the earth always working toward helping it's self . we have that example for to follow we do not of course . I have faith that it will level out some do work like you who care for if there were one he said i will not destroy the city that is my hope. have a great day. your writing is very mind stimulating an emotions are all through it, i like your work



Your point of view is well noted and insight much appreciated.

mlea commented on Vanishing


Did you watch the special about all the E-trash that we( Americans) send overseas...years ago i lived in a small community in NY's Adirondak Mts. The community was considering selling off a portion of the town to be re districted for tourist rentals. I tried to tell the town board that renting those plots of land that were located on the river that supplied this small town with all its drinking water was taking quite a know what kind of reception i got from them and now the water is polluted and the town has to build a water treatment plant. it seems" we don't know what we got till its gone". I hope every one who reads this poem gets fired up enough to stop participating in behavior that takes our life away. Good job! mlea



I greatly appreciate your shared experience and outlook!

photochick commented on Vanishing


wow love this going into the favs so powerful very strong message way to get it out there there is so much power in this everyone needs to read this great poem about our earth and the beauty in to that others are taking away love it 10 in my book higher if i could make it more then 10 thanks for sharing this i will be sure to be sending more your way to read this



I am honored that you would add my words to your favs, and that you felt my intent - that you have a loving feeling for the needs of nature.

Stardrift commented on Vanishing


Of course, we've been endangered since Adam and Eve. Maximum proactivity might involve never again voting, and moving out of the country. Minimum proactivity might include advocacies that go directly to D.C. Governments are strange animals - if no one complains, they think they're doing fine. Of course, unfortunately, we know that governing entity's mentalities probably go far beyond that reasoning. God and Earth know all about the human psychological condition - far more than we ourselves do. With Revelations, industry will kill everytime, sooner or later, and in the meantime. Optimally, no book is needed to know that. Also, we know that entire buildings full of vital documents have been lost or ruined just since Jesus. Revelations depicts one of the less favorable courses - there was some negative psychology at work back then when it began to be promoted - it could've been called a battle strategy. It will only do us harm to preach another apocalypse, it's a paralyzer. So, we better souls are doing whatever we can, poetry, recycling, advocating, praying, loving, and most importantly, anything, not nothing! As an idea, Soulwriter, have you thought about assembling a short book of 'globally conscious poetry' - technically that might be a new sub genre. And, then, try to get on that one book review channel. Just an idea. And, a magnificent write, SW!!



Yet another prophetic outlook of which I can greatly appreciate. Yes, only God and the earth truly knows the extent of damage and hurt that has been done. Maybe some of the change is cyclical however there is no denying that humans have overused and abused the natural resources. Thank you for your perspective!

HarverTomsson commented on Vanishing


Rev 11:18 And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth. You've nailed our place in history uncannily, disturbingly, and remorselessly.



I can definitely appreciate a prophetic outlook - very well stated form of opinion; extremely well conveyed sense of thought! Thank you

Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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