Vessels of ash, Souls thus passed...


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I had an epiphany of the one Pompeii, and this expression struck my temple..hope you enjoy it, for I have in writing it...

Vessels of ash, Souls thus passed...

What shrouds my eyes in vivid demise?
Falling of stars in the spring time chastised
legends of earlier greatness, Jezebel relations
as the spring of hope brings passion.
Night has befallen the city, quiet whispers
ash impedes to darken the lungs with stout flavor
this is my thought of the town of shivers
an underground Eden, of statues and figures
west blows the wind, dandelions a glimmer
the souls within rivers reflect the spectator
listen to the wind as it beats to your ear drumming
louder than the ocean of waves that follow you
the sight immense, all the red and suspense
one blink, upon the lips fall fire and rocks.
Ahhh, the sight of the man in black
touching the blessed folk of the city entrapped
gods of chaos and allure, why end life with gore
the metaphor lies open, such as smoke breathe to pause
head leaking, the dinosaurs?, a memoir of sorts.
A mighty mountain, secret agenda beneath breach
the town the sufferer, the people obsolete
with thunder mimicked in the vast explosion
spring no longer matters, reversed its fortune
Women, children, and heroes alike
shiver in lieu of reticence of the cataclysmic sight.
Right on queue with the west wind blowing
red dawn approaches the sad and hopeless
religious and atheist, the elder and child
the strong, the weak, and the high profiled
may see that the labyrinth is upon them now.
Paced in rampant breaths, the ground grows guile
A mushroom in the clouds, so beautifully raised
giving their reaped rewards in darkness situating.
Thus fell morbid primordial detail
to the town and relative souls now compelled.
This story is not horrific between the lines unveiled
inclined in your mind you must find what's concealed.
East to the wind, souls upend, tragic
circumstances of death in trending amphipathic
Now they lie statues, ashed figures of spring
that ran with succession to martyred ravines
charming streams of promise, yet fire and molten rock
steams so hot that they kiln the flock
if you are lost in this poem of death, you miss the triumph
you only saw the death in poetic response
but the flare lies in gifts so rewarding and clear
that the main point is simple
Rapture Forever.....

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SuperChick76 commented on Vessels of ash, Souls thus passed...


Such a tragic tale of death and ash. Expressed with such empathic sympathy for what was lost in such a way. Beautifully written, dearest.



yea tragically wonderful in my twist haha, thank you love

cdeluhery87 commented on Vessels of ash, Souls thus passed...


this was truly a great find on this site...although dark your words are very elegant in a way, very poetic...great write



o my, thank you C, you think me elegant,I like that =)

danmartyjake1 commented on Vessels of ash, Souls thus passed...


Very complex writing, bravo to you on your style! I enjoyed reading this, as it was intense with emotion and displayed a wide array of images, details and tells the story to the reader with incredible savvy.



thank you dmj, glad to see a poet such as yourself grace my expression, and thank you for the compliments it is favored indeed, glad you enjoyed the journey into the mind of altair....

A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness. It finds the thought and the thought finds the words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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