Waiting For News...


Waiting For News...

 A Blue Bird crashed into the parlor window on Monday, then shortly after the sky opened up and poured down buckets of rain. But there was no mail.
 Three legged dog ran by me on Tuesday directly into the path of an oncoming car, needless to say he died that day. But there was no mail.
 The car wouldn't start this morning, although it did cough out a long, dark cloud of smoke and emit a horrible clank and rattle. There is mail today, but only bills thank god.
 The sun tried to shine bright this morning, only to be cut off by dark omnious clouds. You could feel the coolness condensing in the air itself. Dogs seem to be agitated more than usual this day, as the barking was intense and loud. Cars are buzzing by faster than usual and drivers are using horns and hand gestures freely this day. But there was no mail.
 Today is a new day and there is a heavy feeling in the pit of my stomach for no good reason. I feel like I should go back to bed and sleep. But there is mail today and not bills.
And the flowers burst into flames. 

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jj1562 commented on Waiting For News...


it was definately captivating the imagry flew off the page



Just what I what looking for. Words can be so powerful, as you well know.

am2anangel commented on Waiting For News...


excellent write. The vivid imagery jumps off the page and paints your canvas. great thought provoking write. Has me awaiting the mail for most likely bills(sadly) But the joy of a love letter or friendly card. And hopefully never bad news from a dr. or a lover. Enjoyed this one. well done. -Tonya



my pleasure, young lady. I wanted it to be a little weird, but hopefully captivating.

Musicmynded1 commented on Waiting For News...


extremely great concept within the writing... Love It!!



thanks. I hoped it had the feel of the old Twilight Zone.

Poetry is what is lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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