Wake-up Call


Wake-up Call

I lie awake in my bed restless


I awaken, just to find, that there is still nothing, more that I dread, the these morning messes


I turned on the news, and what, do I see, I see Gods message that he has sent to u and to me


I looked in the mirror, I looked so deep, just to find, only what the world has influenced on to me


They here about me, they read my work, they asked me my age, they said, that’s up surd


I say I might only be 14 but I’m growing up, living in just a nether bad dream, that is changing day by day by people like me



People are dieing, getting shot every day, earth quakes in Haiti, BUT U STILL SAY NO WAY!!


My love for my Lord is to strong to live in a world that has strayed


Even we the children of God have strayed from him


But we are the ones who can stand up for our fallen nation and shout HEY THERES A BETTER WAY


We can come together and make a better place for here is where are children will be raised


Stop all that hating,

School is where you need to be,

Your life is important, maybe not to you but it is to me *********************************************


So it comes down to say that


One day I hope you will see that you will be what God has made you to be


So listen good to what I have to say, because today you have resaved your wake up call


I give it with no fear, do what you will with it the choice is yours, but will you win are lose

For that is up to you to choose



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gregster commented on Wake-up Call


awesome poem this here is a small version of my 2 poems just said for general audience... read free will and shake & wake on my list i beg

Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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