We Are Warriors (Inspired by the movie Avatar)


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  • Poetry will always emerge out of the shadows of depression, shining like a star in the scarcity of light.

We Are Warriors (Inspired by the movie Avatar)

These trees have burned and fallen,

And these bruises have returned.

They taste betrayal, a bitter one.

And the sky conceals the Goddess.

My touch brings you to life,

Though the ground cracks beneath our bodies.

Loud bangs and screams echo through the air,


Accompanied by sorrowful wails.

I hope you still See the good in me,

After all the pain and betrayal.

The planet shatters beneath their power,

But I know we can fight it somehow.

The wind has turned a filthy black,

And plants have been intoxicated.


The air now appears to be deadly,

But we have to survive this dark hour.

The beauty is wilting, our hearts are now sinking,

And it seems that we have lost.

Lives have met a bloody end,

A painful good-bye to air.

Though this war has been won,


The scent of sorrow still lingers;

What was before will not comeback.

….But the wind will bring us tomorrow.

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danmartyjake1 commented on We Are Warriors (Inspired by the movie Avatar)


Great Write! Good poem embodying much of the emotion of the movie...



Thank you very much. I love your poetry. --Natalie.

Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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