Wet Thoughts For Thirsty Minds


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In this poem, my definition of religion is for my own understanding so that I am clear to myself on my feelings and perspective, and if the reader relates to this definition then it is theirs too only by their own choice. I have studied in depth two types of Christian dogma and Hinduism; have studied the Bible from cover to cover; have studied the Gita from cover to cover, and all religions say same the same thing: there is no other truth. And I do not believe them. This poem expresses my belief and my belief only. Thank you.

Wet Thoughts For Thirsty Minds



This poem is in my first book, "In Forbidden Language"
published by Stillpoint Press, Spokane, Washington.

To purchase my book: go to lulu.com, go to "all products"
type in the title, click "Go". This will bring you to the purchase page.

contact: www.mystillpoint.net.

Thank you,

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sk commented on Wet Thoughts For Thirsty Minds


HaHa! Your title misled me!! (thinking of the chocolate poem)...anyway, religion can indeed be a terrible thing, and it's not surprising really, as Religion is a man-made institution...(we tend to screw things up and put ourselves on the throne instead of God). You may know I am a believer, so see things a bit differently than you, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate a good piece of writing when I read it! You describe your views very well. Without spending too much time in explanation, allow me to say that I KNOW what I KNOW, and my faith cannot be shaken! Not seeing God because of dogma is akin to not seeing the forrest for the trees...doesn't mean the forrest doesn't exist...



yes, and thank you

frog commented on Wet Thoughts For Thirsty Minds


I love the open-mindedness this poem expresses. There is something to be said for arriving at what we feel is true rather than what others suggest we feel.



thank you...

brandonheat commented on Wet Thoughts For Thirsty Minds


I love it,10 from me. I find i cannot accept any religion,i believe it was thought up by man to explain "irrational" things man could not understand centuries ago,with technology as it is today "God" is obsolete. We as a species have no need for "God" as we now understand most of which was unexplained and are only getting closer to what hasnt been as of yet.(No offense to anyone,just my thoughts)



Thank you, and your thoughts are powerful and will create for you the life and spiritual freedom you desire.

knight4696 commented on Wet Thoughts For Thirsty Minds


The true eviil is the hypocrisy of religion. I was born and raised strict catholic- Dad was an usher and long-standing member of Knights of Columbus - My Mom was a catacysm teacher and held classes in our home and a member of the Catholic Daughters. And even with this being instilled into my everyday life- I strayed from the church. I now classify myself as a Spiritualist. I have a hard time dealing with the do as I say - not as I do mindset. Another awesome job Dah! This one struck a chord with me - saved to faves and 10x10! :) Ken



yes, I know of this life, I lived it too until I walked away from it at the age of 12 only to be a free and happy spirit...thank you...

laurilang5 commented on Wet Thoughts For Thirsty Minds


I enjoyed this thought provoking, intelligent poem. The mixing of the science of Space with the Spiritual every bit as confusing to me as all religions I have explored. Yours is infinitely more entertaining than many my friend. Beautifully presented piece reflected your confidence in your beliefs. More power to you!



thank you...

If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

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