What Held Him to the Cross...


What Held Him to the Cross...

I was reading in the gospels,
In my Bible one day,
Just to be doing something,
To pass the time away...
It all seemed so real,
As if I was really there,
Back in the day with Jesus,
I sat rigid in my chair...
As I read about all
Of Jesus' teachings and commands,
I felt myself start to grip
The book within my hands...
It was if I could see Jesus,
Walking to and fro,
To the villages and cities
that He taught in the most...
Then I saw Him in the garden,
As He began to pray,
Fervently and desperately,
Seeking His Father's way...

I saw Judas betray Him,
With a kiss upon His face,
Then they bound and led Him away,
I knew not to what place...
Then I saw Him in the temple,
With the scribes and pharisees,
As they persecuted Him,
Bringing against Him lies and deceit...
I saw Him before Pilate,
As Pilate washed His hands,
And gave Him to the people,
"Crucify Him!" they'd demand...
I watched as they scourged Him,
And I felt every lash,
That they thrust upon my Savior,
They treated Him like trash...
I saw them put a crown of thorns,
Upon this weary bleeding man,
Then they beat Him on the head,
With reeds and sticks, it was so bad...

They mocked Him saying, "Hail King of the Jews!"
I was so angry by now,
That anyone could be treated like this,
Especially the one with the thorny crown...
They then tried to make Him,
Carry a big wooden cross,
But, got someone else to carry it for Him,
When they saw that He could not...
I saw the place "Golgatha,"
It was just up the hill,
As Simon of Cyrene carried Jesus' cross,
To the place that stands there still...
I began to cry and weep,
For I knew what was to come,
And I didn't want to see,
Them crucify God's son...
But, I looked on in horror,
As nails were driven into Him,
To hold Him to the cross,
So He could take away my sin...

I watched Him as He hung there,
But then I had to stop,
I found myself crying so hard,
To quit crying I could not...
I then heard a voice say to me,
"Child, I did this for you,
It was your sin that held me to the cross,
That I was nailed to..."
I then said, "Lord why?"
And He said, "Because of love,
That's why I died for you,
Rose from the grave and ascended above...
I died so you wouldn't have to,
For all of your sin and shame,
For you to have salvation,
When you belive and call upon my name...
Remember, my child, I rose again,
To heaven I did ascend,
So I could be an advocate,
For you to talk to HIM...

I knew He meant the Father,
So I began to pray,
"God, I know that I am saved,
But I have lost my way...
I'm sorry I have stumbled,
I've sinned and know I'm wrong,
Would you please forgive me?
We haven't talked in so very long..."
Then I felt like a pair of arms,
Were wrapping around me,
Warmth and love is all I felt,
In the arms of the God who set me free...
I then said, "In Jesus name,
Let Your perfect will be done in my life,
And thank You God for freeing me,
From all my pain and strife...
Amen," I said, and then I smiled,
Inside that warm embrace,
And inside I thought to myself,
"Praise God for His grace."


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dustydai commented on What Held Him to the Cross...


This poem is so beautiful! It really made me stop and think, about a lot of things I haven't been doing. I don't know why it's not in the contest, it's wonderful! I love the way u put yourself right there, and me too. Thank y ou

Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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