What I Need


What I Need

I'm so exhausted, I can hardly sleep,
I've almost lost, and my defenses are weak,
I need a spark, to rekindle the flame,
Inside my heart... I hope to stay sane...

I need something more, much more than this,
Something real and tangible, or like an angel's kiss,
I need something deeper, much deeper than I know,
It's hard to find love's warmth... In a world so cold...

I need something sweeter, much sweeter than I've tasted,
I need to find the right one, so my love will not be wasted,
But, I have not a spark, I have not a flame,
So I harden my heart... To deaden the pain...

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Allwhethergirl commented on What I Need


Keli I understand this one too. Sounds like you and I have both had our share of being beaten down by life and love!!! Hang in there, kiddo!!!

blanket commented on What I Need


If I were an Angel I've give you a kiss and a spark....to lift your weary spirit...I think you need to leave us with just a bit of hope in the end...doesn't have to be much, just something to cling to.



You know, you ARE right, but in reality, some days have no spark of hope in them, and the day I wrote that was one of those days. When I typed it... it was just flowing out of me.. first draft, unhindered, mind untethered, just flowing out of me... I plan on changing several I have posted... Thank you... :) You're sweet hun.

laydbak1 commented on What I Need


Can there be anything more real or angible, than an angel's kiss from a dream...??? For if it's not, then we must harden our heart against the black kiss of the devil...

Goatwrite commented on What I Need


I like that, it flows really nice. ive come across some writers that i feel i have a connection with as far as writing goes. So i must say im a fan, O and Im Goat the Writer of the Storm, you'll see the Pictures in my Tears as Days goes by while im posting

If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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