What is a man?


  • Confusion

    What is a man?

    Does anyone know the real me?
    or am i just lost in my own mask of dillusions?

    I am not myself,
    and can not be myself.
    for that choice has long past,
    and i have been living this way to long.

    People say that it is never to late to change,
    But have they changed themselves?
    It is human nature to give advice to others,
    only to escape from thier own problems and fears.

    As it is with all people,
    They long for, seek, and chase after thier own escapes from thier reality.
    But those who chase after escapes,
    End up never looking back and only creating more problems.

    For in and at the end,
    Humans are selfish beings.
    For they only think of themselves,
    And only care for others when needed.

    Is there a person out their who will do somthing for nothing?
    Or has this worlds corruption consumed everyone already?

    People do things for honor, fame, impressions,
    And some do things for payment.
    But payment can be a variety of things,
    A favor, possesion, loyalty, or just to be noticed themselves.

    For the people who say they do somthing for the good of others,
    Is only lying to themselves and the ones they tried to help.
    For it is human desire, and nature to want to selfish attention,
    For everyone craves the attentions of others.

    No human can survive alone,
    For we where built in pairs.
    That is why we seek emotions and feelings,
    So that we have purpose like love and hate.

    A man without purpose is no man at all,
    And without purpose a man cannot live.
    For they seek attention,
    And use terms like love and hate to achieve them.

    They say the emotions come from the heart,
    But at the same time,
    claim it to be constantly changing and unpredictable.
    For this is just an example of their lies to be selfish.

    For in and at the end,
    Humans cannot be trusted,
    And we will all go on,
    selfishly and dishonorably chasing our escapes and dreams,

    While we leave what we use to catch them behind,
    Never to see or care what happens to them,
    as long as we get our use from them,
    we will never care about their future.

    For now i know who i am,
    I am a man,
    And i choose to live and die as one,
    A pathetic human that always chases an uncatchable escape.

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    DeepEclipse commented on What is a man?


    Ah this poem is a blade to the throat. [Is there a person out their who will do somthing for nothing?] - Like a world full of opportunists. Gratitude replaced by transactions. [as long as we get our use from them, we will never care about their future.] - Like a virus. From host to host. I like how this poem strikes vitally. Most advice I find is pointlessly given from a perspective that isn't even aimed in the direction that I am battling. As the poem states. Introverted. I personally don't believe that selfishness is the purpose. It's just the result when the purpose is forgotten, corrupted, ignored, or replaced. Of my own thinking of course. Deep poem that sends me thinking on many levels. I salute this.

    Charlie23 commented on What is a man?


    I find you to be wise beyond your years! I disagree on one thought here though; I believe those chasing after escapes dwell far too much in the past. At least that's the story of my escape...

    BlackKnightOS commented on What is a man?


    Very good poem you wrote. Keep up the good work. No matter if a few words were misspelled, I still got what your are trying to say in this poem.

    Bren5360 commented on What is a man?


    Hey Nakqu - watch your spelling!!

    Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

    Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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