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    What is life

    What is life indeed?
    I wonder cause I never finish it.
    what is life indeed?
    I often asked myself that.
    what is life indeed?
    Now I know a little,
    Maybe life is enjoying myself everyday,
    working, eating, singing, writing and so on
    Life is the happy laugh when you are talking with your friends,
    Life is the happiness when you are staying with your family,
    Life is the bitter you have to suffer in the road longing for a better life,
    Life is the sadness when you miss your friends and family,
    Life is trouble, trouble is a friend!
    Life is  richness and colorful!
    Thanks to my dear friends!
    Thanks to life!
    That is what is life

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    redbloodink commented on What is life


    Life is new every day..... Life begins with every breath you take..... But most importantly Life is God... The only true living God Jesus Christ....... Have a blessed day......... Red



    thank you very much, Red. you are so kind. god bless you

    MichaelTierney commented on What is life


    I like the line "Life is trouble, trouble is a friend!". Very interesting.



    thanks so much. most of the time life is indeed a trouble , while trouble is a friend

    nayachiro commented on What is life


    I love your feelings. thanks for being you and sharing your big heart. We will always have a place for feelings, yes ?



    yes! you are right Raleigh. we also have the same feelings, coz we are the same person loving our lives and enjoying ourseoves! we always have a place of feelings!thanks

    aliciagall commented on What is life


    Then life is good and should be shared with those who give you life.



    we should love everyone that we love and who love us!!Thank you for your kind words

    WordSlinger commented on What is life


    Singing I love this part, I could add so much to this line, Life is trouble, trouble is a friend! , can I try??? I'm curious as to why that line is in this, :) WS



    yes,certainly you can. My pleasure Thank you very much. . You know you can write so many great poems

    Poetry is what is lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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